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Who's the Boss Game #2971

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This game is moderated by jarmihi. Please read the rules and contact the moderator with any questions or concerns about this game.

Voting / Memo Discussion
This game finished in 9 rounds.

Discussion of Round #7

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Posted: 10:39PM Jun 30, 2013

Welcome to Round 7! There is no scheduled challenge in this or any following round.

Click here to peruse the player reports. I'll update these at the start of every round.

Here are the rules for this game:
Full Rules
Valid posts = 1; invalid posts = 0; spam = penalty/ModFire
Boss Bazaar & FP Algorithm
Good luck, and have fun!

O hai! Take a look at my wares!..........Link to the Boss Bazaar..........RED means SOLD OUT!
Create items by combining one Essence with one Reagent. Unused Essences exist inside communal pools.
Rock | Costs 4 points
Paper | Costs 6 points
Scissors | Costs 13 points

Index | Name | Remaining Stock | Effect

K | Essence of Knowledge | 1 | This is the essence of all things intelligent and scientific. Complete Challenges to increase the amount of Knowledge in this pool.
1 | + Rock = Divination Card | infinite | Reveals a hint about the Boss. Collect these and spend up to three at once for easier clues. Cannot be combined with others' cards.
2 | + Paper = Rat Trap | 1/round | Sends the Rat a challenge (that you create) to complete in 24 hrs. If the rat fails, xe is fired.
3 | + Scissors = 1/2 of Miracle Reagent | 0 | Complete the Miracle Reagent to be able to unlock the Atma Weapon!

P | Essence of Protection | 13 | This is the essence of fired employees. The amount of Protection in this pool increases in direct proportion to the number of employees fired.
4 | + Rock = Golden Quill | 1/round | Allows you to write the psych question.
5 | + Paper = Employment Insurance | infinite | Allows you to give your points/items to another if you are fired. To give yourself insurance, target yourself.
6 | + Scissors = Overtime Pay | 1/round | All posts are worth 2 points, or negates a Lower Wages.
Purchasing Form: (please copy/paste into a post)
Your name:
Target, if applicable (This is the person the effect happens to. To insure yourself, target yourself.):
Use Immediately? :

Keyword Challenge #2
If any player posts a valid post with the secret Keyword in it, he or she will win a free item! The word is a potentially everyday word. (So, it's not 'hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia'.) Word lists do not count. The word must be found in a sentence inside a valid post. This has a good history of promoting activity, so let's see some interesting stories! (Update: remember that the post does not have to be about the game. Also, any tense of the word will work as well [*-s, *-ing, *-ed, *-like, etc. will all do.) This Challenge lasts until the end of the game.

POINTS AND INVENTORIES..........Updated Sunday, 23:34 EDT.
Allikat73126 = 13
faheem1 = 9 (FIRED)
huckingfoes = 4
Kaipper = 14
max318 = 21
TallGuy = 23
TheLegend = 4 | Employment Insurance, Clawshot

THE BOSS = 37 FP (asteroidbelt = 2, checkndone = 3, divarenee = 3, Flutterdash = 3, Thekid4 = 2, Coolnine9 = 7, dcf525 = 2, kitty-cat = 0, themasterbrain = 1, hermygranger123 = 5, Jayo = 3, scrub88 = 0, braingle01 = 0, faheem1 = 6)

In the previous round, the Boss earned 13 - n, where n is the number of valid posts a fired player made.
In this round, the Boss will earn 15 - n.

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Posted: 11:11PM Jun 30, 2013

voting for max, as we proved he was the boss previous round, I hope we get a majority.
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Posted: 12:09AM Jul 1, 2013

I'm also voting max.
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Posted: 01:59AM Jul 1, 2013

I'm in for max
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Posted: 02:53AM Jul 1, 2013

max it is.
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Posted: 10:47AM Jul 1, 2013

Well we will have a clear. Except you guys are playing into the bosses trap. Not firing anyone means i am not cleared yet .He jsut won't fire people because you guys are convenienced it was me. Knowing that the boss is going to not fire anyone this round again and then win next round. NOTHING was confirmed last round other than the boss knows what he is doing Uggh The boos can choose not to fire people he knowing past games the boss was allowed to fire 2 last round. He just had to fire the manditory of faheem
anyone idea's on this round's memo? Anyone remember the memo that cleared me anyone? You are suspose to use the memo's to help find the boss. Normally clues aren't given well not normally but clues were added to help. The boss's memo were the best way to find the boss.
Clue cominc book. Doing some digging around there is a comic called tall man. clue 2 vicious points to tallguy as well because there is an old movie call the tall guy or something like that and romanitic comedy that has a connecction to vivoucous the TV show. 1 might be because of walugi a tall chacteran and not sure how clue 3 works but just maybe. voting tallguy
For all of you that think that there is a comic book about the Legend of zelda or mario or nintedo. Please tell me because they are manga's not comics. There is a difference. BTW tallguy
Happy Canada day!

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We are always sometimes monsters.
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Posted: 12:18AM Jul 2, 2013

Actually max, comic books also points to you, there's a comic book titled :
"Soulwind, Book One: The Kid From Planet Earth",
and your location said : planet earth.

Your Turn
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Posted: 12:41PM Jul 3, 2013

Tallying scores...

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