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Who's the Boss Game #2990

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This game is moderated by jarmihi. Please read the rules and contact the moderator with any questions or concerns about this game.

Voting / Memo Discussion
This game finished in 9 rounds.

Discussion of Round #6

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Posted: 09:50AM Aug 6, 2013

Welcome to Round 6! There is no scheduled Challenge for this or any future round. Challenges may be started using the appropriate items.


Click here to peruse the player reports. I'll update these at the start of every round.
NEW! Click here to see everything Miracles can do!

Here are the rules for this game:
Full Rules
Valid posts = 1; invalid posts = 0; spam = penalty/ModFire
Boss Bazaar, FP Algorithm, and Miracles
Good luck, and have fun!

O hai! Take a look at my wares!..........Link to the Boss Bazaar..........RED means SOLD OUT
One Game Day (GD) is 24 hours of time during rounds. (That is, not the time between them.)
Index | Name | Price | Remaining Stock | Effect

1 | Golden Quill | 4 pts | 1/round | Allows you to write the next psych question.
2 | Employment Insurance | 4 pts | infinite | Allows you to give your points/items to another if you are fired. (Target yourself to insure yourself; I will send you a message if you are fired about your beneficiaries.)
3 | Divination Card | 7 pts | infinite | Reveals a hint about the Boss. Collect these and spend up to three at once for easier clues. Cannot be combined with others' cards.
4 | Scry | 6 pts | infinite | Gain a hint toward the current Challenge.
5 | Overtime Pay | 6 pts | 1/GD | All posts are worth 1.5x points, or negates a Lower Wages.
6 | Time Travel | 6 pts | 1 | Restart a failed challenge. It will begin at the start of the next round. (Random)
7 | Miracle | 12 pts | infinite | Does...something. Collect up to three and find out! (Cannot be combined with other players' Miracles.) What do these really do?
8 | Rat Trap | 12 pts | 1/variety | Select one of the following: double points for 24 game hours, reveal a 2 cuil Boss Clue, or Scry. Then, the Rat has 24 game hours to choose between that or being revealed.
9 | Friend or Foe? | 12 pts | 1/game | Begin the Friend or Foe? minigame. You could win lots of points! (The purchaser will be reimbursed upon winning.)
NEW! 10 | Redistribute Wealth | 33 pts | 1 | Redistribute each player's points (but not items) as you see fit.
Purchasing Form: (either place in a post or PM Jarmihi for a private purchase/use)
Your name:
Target, if applicable:
Use Immediately? :
If a private purchase, add 10% of the cost rounded to the nearest whole unit.

Keyword Challenge #1 and #2
If any player posts a valid post with the secret Keyword in it, he or she will win a free item. The word is a potentially everyday word. (So, it's not 'hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia'.) Word lists do not count. The word must be found in a sentence inside a valid post. This has a good history of promoting activity, so let's see some interesting stories! (Update: remember that the post does not have to be about the game. Also, any tense of the word will work as well [*-s, *-ing, *-ed, *-like, etc. will all do.) This Challenge lasts until the end of the game.

POINTS AND INVENTORIES..........Updated 09:51 EDT Wednesday
aragorn = 14 (FIRED)
braingle01 = 11 | Employment Insurance
buu441 = 32 (FIRED)
C0untryGirl = 22
kmrutledge = 8 | Employment Insurance
tigerlily024 = 9 | Clawshot

(See the full reports here.)

THE BOSS = 8 FP (100ra = 2; Faith511 = 1; minakodeb = 2; lissiclown = 0; Miracle = -1; dawnrising = 3; Kaipper = 0; KRUGERGIRL14 = 0; max318 = 0; hermygranger123 = 0; nitrobasel = 3; srbaxi = 0; HABS2933 = 0; sonic102 = 0; Close Shop = -3; aragorn = 1; buu441 = 0)
In the previous round, the Boss earned 11 - n, where n is the number of valid posts a fired player made.
In this round, the Boss earns 13 - n.

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Posted: 09:52AM Aug 6, 2013

Clue #1: difficult to understand
Clue #2: alpha
Clue #3: taught
Clue #4: polychrome
Clue #5: critical
Clue #6: musical
Clue #7: computer
Clue #8: edible
Clue #9: dinosaurs
Clue #10: Big Bang
Clue #11: primordial
Clue #12: motorsport
Clue #13: Internet

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Posted: 07:27PM Aug 6, 2013

Scoring bookmark.

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Posted: 08:39PM Aug 6, 2013

Where's everyone?

Let's get a last clue.

Your name: braingle01
Item: Divination Card
Quantity: 3
Target, if applicable:
Use Immediately? : yes

Last round boss fired the two people with most points but one had insurance.

This time the boss only targeted those without insurance.

Countrygirl got skipped because she said she voted out of majority.
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Posted: 08:44PM Aug 6, 2013

Let's call this Clue #11: primordial

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Posted: 08:45PM Aug 6, 2013

I am going to go for C0untrygirl. I think she is the boss.

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Posted: 04:52AM Aug 7, 2013

Been way more than three hours since my last post. Countrygirl, braingle01, and tigerlily, are you guys still here? I am thinking that countrygirl is it, because she is the only one among the four of us that does not have employment insurance. Why would she need it if she is the boss?

The faster I type in my password, the more secret agent-y I feel.
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Posted: 06:56AM Aug 7, 2013

Y'all can vote for me if you want but I'm not the boss. The reason I didn't buy insurance was because I didn't think I had enough points to make it worth it.

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It bothers me when I see tax money wasted on signs telling deer where to cross the road.
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Posted: 08:51AM Aug 7, 2013

Scoring bookmark

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Posted: 10:12AM Aug 7, 2013

Well, if i am not fired this round, then i am going for countrygirl again. I wish we could know who braingle01 and tigerlily voted for.

The faster I type in my password, the more secret agent-y I feel.
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