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Who's the Boss Game #2931 : As You Go II

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This private game is moderated by JJPutz. Please read the rules and contact the moderator with any questions or concerns about this game.

Voting / Memo Discussion
This game finished in 4 rounds.

Memo #1 from the Boss

Hello employees! Have a good first round, but not TOO good, or you will probably figure out who I am. So here is how I see the game. There are 15 people in this game, not counting JJPutz. Here is a list: buu441 christiangrl entrails jeminy kitty-cat kmrutledge koin_era345 Oldcustard PianistChris poofi princess2007 SirHar Skybet slammngirl92 Thekid4 One of you are my rat. I hope I do not need to fire you, but if I do, I hope that you will understand that is because you have FAILED TERRIBLY! In which case YOU DISGUST ME! One of you is myself. Good luck, me. The rest of you will lose.

Psych Question: A...a...a...A...CHOOO! Would you mind handing me a tissue from that weird chair labeled "Boss" on the back? Oh wait...that's you... :o *sprints away*
I would love to hand you the tissue, JJPutz, but I hope you understand that I cannot now that you have sprinted away.



Users in Chat : Jake, turtle 

Online Now: 8 users and 515 guests

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