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You exercise your body to stay physically in shape, so why shouldn't you exercise your brain to stay mentally fit? With these daily exercises you will learn how to flex your mind, improve your creativity and boost your memory. As with any exercise, repetition is necessary for you to see improvement, so pick your favorite exercises from our daily suggestions and repeat them as desired. Try to do some mentalrobics every single day!


noun :: The act of selling or disposing of.

"The divestiture of the subsidiary helped the parent company's finances."

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verb :: To set free from an obligation or the consequences of guilt.

"He went to confession to get absolved of his sins."

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hoi pol-loi

noun :: The masses or the common people.

"The princess did not care to mingle with the hoi polloi, and stayed in her castle most of the time."

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noun :: A stage for public speaking.

"On the floor of this chamber, which was dotted with highly carved wooden desks and chairs, were assembled about forty or fifty male Martians around the steps of a rostrum." --Burroughs, Edgar Rice

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verb :: To go quickly.

"The firemen need to hie over to the fire."

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