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Usenet Newsgroups : rec.puzzles Hall of Fame

The rec.puzzles Hall of Fame is a compilation of over 500 of the most popular puzzles that have been posted and discussed in the rec.puzzles newsgroup. In most cases a detailed solution has been provided.

Many of these puzzles also appear in Braingle's own collection.

Hall of Fame
Categories : logic : number.p

Mr. S. and Mr. P. are both perfect logicians, being able to correctly
deduce any truth from any set of axioms.  Two integers (not necessarily
unique) are somehow chosen such that each is within some specified
range.  Mr. S. is given the sum of these two integers; Mr. P. is given
the product of these two integers.  After receiving these numbers, the
two logicians do not have any communication at all except the following

<<1>>   Mr. P.:  I do not know the two numbers.
<<2>>   Mr. S.:  I knew that you didn't know the two numbers.
<<3>>   Mr. P.:  Now I know the two numbers.
<<4>>   Mr. S.:  Now I know the two numbers.

Given that the above statements are true, what are the two numbers?


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