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Go Ahead, Shoot

Submitted By:od-1
Fun:**** (3.2)
Difficulty:** (1.77)

Pirate Pete had been captured by a Spanish general and sentenced to death by his 50-man firing squad.

Pete cringed, as he knew their reputation for being the worst firing squad in the Spanish military. They were such bad shots that they would often all miss their targets and simply maim their victims, leaving them to bleed to death, as the general's tradition was to only allow one shot per man to save on ammunition. The thought of a slow painful death made Pete beg for mercy.

"Very well, I have some compassion. You may choose where the men stand when they shoot you and I will add 50 extra men to the squad to ensure someone will at least hit you. Perhaps if they stand closer they will kill you quicker, if you're lucky," snickered the general. "Oh, and just so you don't get any funny ideas, they can't stand more than 20 ft away, they must be facing you, and you must remain tied to the post in the middle of the yard. And to show I'm not totally heartless, if you aren't dead by sundown I'll release you so you can die peacefully outside the compound. I must go now but will return tomorrow and see to it that you are buried in a nice spot, though with 100 men, I doubt there will be much left of you to bury."

After giving his instructions the general left. Upon his return the next day, he found that Pete had been set free alive and well. "How could this be?" demanded the general. "It was where Pete had us stand," explained the captain of the squad.

Where did Pete tell them to stand?

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by Drakar06/01/04
Great, but easy.

Posted by unmellowyellow06/01/04
this one was very different, but i luv it alot!!! :) Keep up the good work!!!! 8)

Posted by shortstopsmile06/02/04
Hahaha! I didn't even think of that one!

Posted by pianofox06/09/04
Great teaser! I love it. It's definitely on my favorite list. :D :wink:

Posted by aPlatinum06/23/04
Great teaser! it made me think, but the answer was so obviously simple :wink:

Posted by username07/29/04
Wow, for some reason I couldn't figure out the answer. But then when I read it, it was so simple.

Posted by Taya08/27/04
very nice one, a bit long i must say :P i thought that there was a big pile of rocks infront so they would shoot them, or something like it was next to a beach so the fireing squad were in the water and their guns wouldnt work :oops:

Posted by Drunky10/11/04
This was a great one. I thought he had them stand behind each other so only the first one would dare shoot him :P

Posted by I_am_the_Omega10/18/04
...Umm, if they formed a circle, they wouldn't all be facing him, some of them would be unable to hit him because of the post :-\

Posted by Tongue-Twister10/31/04
Oh my gosh, Omega. I liked this one. It's going on to my favorites. I also thought as many others did that he would have them in a line behind his post so they'd shoot the post, not him. I really liked this one. OD-1 KEEP UP YOUR MYSTERY RIDDLES!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D

Posted by alicewashere1301/03/05
clever!!! :lol:

Posted by I_am_the_Omega01/08/05
Who exactly are you talking to...

Posted by God-sGrace200501/13/05
I love that it's so cool!! :D :P

Posted by Tree02/17/05
awe man. I had em lined up like bowling pins so that they would all shoot each other and maybe the front guy would miss.. but the circle is better of of course. when I think of a firing squad I always imagine a guy against a wall though.

Posted by freakydoughnut103/02/05
wonderful, i'm adding this to my favs :D

Posted by freakydoughnut103/02/05
wonderful, i'm adding this to my favs :D

Posted by freakydoughnut103/02/05
wonderful, i'm adding this to my favs :D

Posted by freakydoughnut103/02/05
wonderful, i'm adding this to my favs :D

Posted by freakydoughnut103/02/05
wonderful, i'm adding this to my favs :D

Posted by freakydoughnut103/02/05
wonderful, i'm adding this to my favs :D

Posted by freakydoughnut103/02/05
wonderful, i'm adding this to my favorites :D

Posted by freakydoughnut103/02/05
wonderful, i'm adding this to my favorites :D

Posted by freakydoughnut103/02/05
wonderful, i'm adding this to my favorites :D

Posted by BabyM03/03/05
I liked this one. I figured that they had formed the circle around Pete, but I thought that they'd just end up missing Pete and shooting each other dead before realizing what had happened. Good one! :D

Posted by rogue03/15/05
This was a good one...why?! because it was easy :D

Posted by freezequeen03/19/05
I think it was absolutely great!!! :lol: Very clever. 8)

Posted by Braingirl04/25/05
have i mentioned that this is in my faves? :lol:

Posted by swarsbuff05/17/05
not the most creative thing i've ever seen, but probably better than i could do. Pretty cool.

Posted by darthforman05/19/05
Good one :D

Posted by Cat4romMars06/06/05
ooo, this one made me think a bit. Easy one but fun to solve! :)

Posted by cjenks06/22/05
That was really cute...made me LOL!

Posted by eslyconfused0908/02/05
i liked it a lot but i was thinking TO hard about the answer... it was really simple :)

Posted by iblondhaha08/04/05
i liked it!!! - good job!!! :D :lol: :D

Posted by Royaltrecords09/10/05
Great job! This was very entertaining

Posted by AZTTT09/15/05
Good one. Very clever, that Pirate Pete. I thought maybe he would have them all stand on top of each other or in front of each other :D :P :D

Posted by kayleeskitties09/20/05
Excellent teaser. By far one of my favorites.... :D

Posted by rkaaland11/14/05
kehe, I thought he would stand behind the post! Good one!! I like your plan better! :D

Posted by sunwalker11/21/05
sweet, baby!

Posted by boodler11/27/05
I thought he'd have them stand the other side of a wall; they'd still be within the General's specified distance! :wink:

Posted by mario12812/03/05
im with boodler on this... :oops:

Posted by npf200512/17/05
suppose... but what if there wasnt a wall nearby?

Posted by choptlivva12/22/05
Very entertaining!! Going on my favs list!! :D :D

Posted by Tryer01/02/06
Thanks Boodler, the wall was my only thought too :oops:

Posted by metallicman01/16/06
I thought like drunky and said they were all standing in a line. It was an even better idea though. Great mystery OD. 8)

Posted by brentrjones01/18/06
Another solution: Every soldier stands in a circle and points his gun at the person on his right (or left) but turns his face toward the man tied to the post. All fire at once and all die.

Posted by riddlelover01/30/06
HAH! That's great! I like! Very good! I was stumped! :lol: :lol: :lol:

Posted by Herman02/20/06
How about Pete telling them to stand on their head and shoot? This may have been said already, but I am not going to read all the above.

Posted by wizofaus04/24/06
Yep, I had it as standing on their heads too.

Posted by OldChinaHand04/28/06
Wasn't this an old 'Warsaw Pact Country starting with a "P" ' joke from the '70s? 8)

Posted by kcheer249305/31/06
Very clever. Too much for me. Couldn't get it

Posted by PunnettSwears06/10/06
Easy, but creative and fun. Hope to see more from you. :D

Posted by BadBunnee0207/19/06
Great teaser. Rated it tops.

Posted by cate8808/01/06
This was really fun. I loved the story, and I was too curious about the answer to think about it for too long. Maybe I should be in another category... nah. :lol:

Posted by jsdodgers01/17/07
smart Pete :D :lol: 8)

Posted by LeafFan4life03/06/07
vey easy

Posted by lukeschett03/15/07
Woohoo!!!! I got it.

Posted by Nicky10103/31/07
I thought of the circle, but wouldn't one person have a clear shot at him? The person right in front of him, that is. Really funny, though :lol: .

Posted by celtic_knot04/22/07
He should have stood behind the poll, and have the men stand in a line, one after another. Then, only one man would shoot, and the others wouldn't want to hit the person before him, so the one person who would shoot would hit the poll. But nice job anyway!

Posted by FutureMD07/02/07
Very clever- I liked this one a lot.

Posted by wordlover08/28/07
i thought about having the men form a line within 20 feet of pete behind him, with their heads turned around facing him as they shot forward.

Posted by scallio09/12/07
Standing in a circle around Pete is my solution, but I believe they would go ahead and shoot since they were ordered to by their General. The answer is that because they recognize they are poor shots, they agree to fire in the air over the heads of their comrades, thereby missing Pete as well. They would not risk shooting one of their comrades by shooting toward Pete. Excellent teaser! :D

Posted by dudebomb9310/11/07
i though they were told to stand behind something,great teaser! 8)

Posted by aurorasg10/27/07
I thought they'd all be in a circle, like dominos, so that they'd shoot each other.

Posted by Icecream-Queen11/29/07
if I was Pete I would never think of that. clever. i obviously didn't get... but well done. i loved it! :D

Posted by adrianlvr112301/30/08
WOW!! ok now that's a riddle!1 Jeesh keep them comin. It wa sa bit long but awesome!! Now MAKE SOME MORE!! LOL!!! :lol:

Posted by newbie88502/12/08
It made me think so much and i still got it wrong. Good teaser though :o

Posted by AndrewWalker06/28/08
or they line up behind him :wink:

Posted by demylimbo06/05/09
I would definitey use this trick if i were caught and sentenced to death :lol:

Posted by nima_m09/14/09
nice , but too hard to guess !!! :o

Posted by royale-ninja07/23/12
i got few answers incl. this ...this is the best one :D

Posted by Benjiboo11/23/12
I think without looking at the answer the guards stand on the other side of the pole.

Posted by fiokoenig12/14/13
This is a good one. My favorite so far, and I've been reading on this site nonstop.


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