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Submitted By:harmonize9
Fun:**** (3.32)
Difficulty:*** (2.73)

Assassin is a popular game on college campuses. The game consists of several players trying to eliminate the others by means of squirting them with water pistols in order to be the last survivor. Once hit, the player is out of the game. Game play is fair play at all times and all locations, and tends to last several days depending on the number of participants and their stealth. At Troyhill University, 5 students participated in a game that only lasted four days. Can you determine each player's first name, their color, their assassin alias, how they were eliminated, and their major?

Names: Liam, Anabel, Bella, Oliver, Ethan
Colors: Red, Green, Blue, Purple, Black
Alias: Captain Dawn, Night Stalker, Dark Elf, McStealth, Billy
Capture: Caught at weekly study group, Caught helping friend with car trouble, Ambushed during sleep, Caught on the way to class, Winner
Major: Economics, Biology, Art History, Sociology, Psychology

MONDAY: Liam, the girl named Captain Dawn, and the person in purple avoided any action that day. The psychology major was able to easily catch Ethan because she already had a study group meeting with him that day. Since it was a weekly engagement, he didn't suspect a thing. Goodbye red player.

TUESDAY: Everyone tried to get in on the action today. The girl masquerading as the Dark Elf (who was wearing either black or red) and the sociology major lived to see another day. The purple player was able to catch the obliging yet naive green player by calling her and pretending he had car trouble.

WEDNESDAY: The biology major (who was still "alive") was surprised to hear that the Psychology major, who wasn't Anabel the art history major, ambushed Night Stalker as he slept in his dorm.

THURSDAY: The black player was declared the victor after luckily spotting "Billy" on his way to Mammalian Physiology, a class required by his major.


All names are conventional for their gender.
Mammalian physiology is a course that biology majors would take.

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by thebrain78912/08/10
So hard!!!

Posted by Mytana12/09/10
Not overly difficult, but enough to make it fun.

Posted by WrknMom12/09/10
Really enjoyed this, thanks!

Posted by Jazzy_Fai2412/11/10
this was really fun you know really tested your mind with only some difficulty

Posted by braindeadmommia12/31/10
Good one! Thanks. :D

Posted by bookworm9101/07/11
This was quite hard for me, and I couldn't get it (I discovered I'd made a mistake about halfway through and gave up), but it was certainly fun! :D

Posted by Mom2Ozzy01/15/11
Very confusing :roll: ... but very good!! :D

Posted by mocha61301/24/11
I love the game Assassins. I wish it would work to play in other places other than college. Thanks for the great teaser, it made my brain work. :)

Posted by Darkmagician9204/09/11
a very nice puzzle! thanx.......

Posted by trewq06/21/11
got confused with the pronouns in the last clue :oops: nice job!!

Posted by coolcat10120207/13/11
Loved this one, my favourite one so far. It has a great story and is not confusing. :D

Posted by jonschwan12/23/11
Yeah the last sentence was confusing. I took it to mean that the black player was on his way to Mammalian Physiology, not Billy.

Posted by GTregay02/21/12
I am convinced that you cannot figure this out, completely. :-? I have Anabel, Bella and Ethan completely figured out (correctly, based on the answer), along with the other relationships between alias, elimination method and major, as well as the color of each person, but I cannot tie Liam (Blue) or Oliver (Purple) to either combination of Night Stalker/Ambush/Sociology or Billy/Class/Biology. What could I have missed?

Posted by timmay10803/26/12
^^I agree, I get to the same spot. It looks like you need to assume that each day's clue will mention each player once, and only once. With this assumption, tuesday's clue will make the distinction between the two of them.

Posted by AmaranthBass09/29/12
I actually figured it out! I guess watching all those crime investigation shows really paid off. Hehe, it took a lot of thought but I did it nonetheless! :D

Posted by Limerick03/14/13
I was stuck in the same place for a bit, (had two players left with their colors figured out, had two remaining nicknames to assign which I knew the majors associated with the nicknames as well as the way they were caught, but not their color), but from there, it is still solveable, just takes a closer look.

Posted by renarizkias04/17/14
i didnt get it hard, it's a simple teaser, but i got a little trouble with my vocab. i'm not an english/british and i'm not good in english language. ;)

Posted by Steve27512/12/14
Hi I also got stuck with the Liam/Oliver conundrum, but thanks to Timmay's suggestion that each character is only mentioned once in each paragraph, that fixed my problem. Is that the right way to approach this teaser? if so I think there should be a hint or something, as the convention is usually that you don't assume anything. A very entertaining puzzle, well done.

Posted by brainhealth01/18/15
I got everything up until it was between the two girls, which I mixed up since I thought whoever was eliminated wouldn't be mentioned in the following days. (The green player who was matched with car trouble got eliminated on Tuesday but is also Anabel who was mentioned on Wednesday)

Posted by LanceAlot09/22/15
^^ could not have said it better myself, brainhealth! Fun though

Posted by divyanshu08/18/16
I still didn't understand how to make choice between liam and oliver.. can anybody help?


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