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Jim and Joe

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Jim and Joe were close brothers until Jim graduated from Yale and became a renowned scientist who made millions. Not wanting to be outdone, Joe invited Jim over to a mansion that he claimed was his. He showed Jim many wonderful things inside the house one of which was a golden statue.

"This was a little gift from a friend of mine," Joe said, rapping on it with his fist, "It's made out of pure gold. See? Even my powerful fist can't make a dent in it."

"I have to say, this is all impressive," Jim admitted, "but I know this is all fake, Joe."

How did Jim know Joe was lying?

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by jordy5605/20/11
Learn something new everyday! Good job on the teaser. :D :D :D

Posted by westbrook105/20/11
That was pretty easy but fun!

Posted by Smarty_Pants32105/21/11

Posted by ankitankurddit05/23/11
This was something good. :)

Posted by princess200706/02/11
Easy but fun. :D

Posted by kittygirl1907/27/11
My hard pure gold cat is all truth.

Posted by kittygirl1910/23/11

Posted by Candi706/15/12
I've known that since 2nd grade, which was when a friend of mine who is clearly above average IQ explained to the class that something could be metal AND soft, pure gold. 8)

Posted by Gwendalla07/12/12
Overall, I loved the story, but I felt it was just a bit of a giveaway by stating "See? Even my powerful fist can't make a dent in it." Well done, but beware giveaways!!!

Posted by eighsse07/28/13
I know that pure gold is much softer than most metals. But is it really THAT soft that knocking on a large, solid statue would dent it? If I were to knock on a gold bar, would it dent that easily? I'm not saying it's wrong, because I really don't know; but I'm saying that I would be surprised if it's THAT soft.

Posted by sciencesteven10/24/13
It was pretty easy. I got it as soon as he said it was pure gold. 8)


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