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Snack Time at Rachel's

Submitted By:Rhythmic
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One day, Rachel had her two best friends over for a play date. When it came time for a snack, her mom asked her to find out what everyone wanted. Rachel was happy to help because she loved playing hostess. However, when Rachel got back to her mom, she couldn't quite remember everything. Can you help her figure it out?

Friends: Katie, Rachel, Sophie
Foods: apple slices, banana slices, orange slices
Drinks: juice, milk, water

1) Of course, Rachel remembered that she wanted milk and orange slices.

2) Although she couldn't remember who it was, Rachel knew that the person who wanted juice also wanted apple slices.

3) Rachel knew that Sophie didn't like apples.


Katie wanted juice and apple slices.
Rachel wanted milk and orange slices.
Sophie wanted water and banana slices.

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by gaylewolf02/06/12
I figured this out without the grid, but it's interesting to see how the grid would work with a more complicated problems. Thanks for posting! :wink:

Posted by Rhythmic02/07/12
Thanks for trying it out. I know it's not very hard, but I hadn't written a Logic-Grid before, so I wanted to see how it worked. :)

Posted by BeanSC02/10/12
Easy and fun, thanks!

Posted by Evies02/19/12
not bad

Posted by kaylabee2802/21/12
I figured it out pretty simple but i love the logic grid. Thanks for the puzzle it was fun

Posted by charlottes-odd04/25/12
I thought the last one i done was easy but this beat that! But very nice puzzle i enjoyed it :D i love how all the kids wanted healthy stuff :D :P i was like that when i was little i survived on salad :D still love salad now actually :lol: eat tomatos for tomatos are GOOD.

Posted by Candi706/15/12
Even though it was easy i liked it.

Posted by ghostwolf146812/19/14
good one :D

Posted by LanceAlot09/29/15
Good for the kids


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