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In Numberrangements, you are given an arrangement of letters. The letters represent all of the whole numbers from 1 to the total number of letters used. Each letter represents a different number. Using the clues given, find which number each letter represents.


1. The sum of the top row is greater than the sum of the middle row, which is greater than the sum of the bottom row.
2. E is a prime factor of G.
3. F is greater than A.
4. The sum of B and G is equal to H.
5. I is not 1.

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by charlottes-odd12/23/13
Another difficult one (for me anyway)! Good though I like it :D

Posted by eighsse12/23/13
Thanks glad you liked it :) and yes it's quite difficult.

Posted by castiel02/20/14
Very fun! Would love to see more like this :)

Posted by eighsse02/20/14
Thank you casteil! I will try to come up with more :)

Posted by eighsse02/20/14
castile* sorry!

Posted by eighsse02/20/14
LOLOL. Let's try again. c-a-s-t-i-e-l. :D


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