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The first round of the Children's Battleship Tournament has just been concluded. Our ten contenders (including Roger and Lila) have just concluded their first five exciting matches. Each match consisted of two players facing off against each other trying to guess the locations of the other player's ships. (The Carrier covers 5 squares, the Battleship covers 4 squares, the Destroyer and Submarine each cover 3 squares, and the Patrol Boat covers 2 squares.) In the end of each match, only one of the winner's ships remained - and it was a different one in each match! From the information given, can you determine the full name of the winner and loser of each match, as well as the remaining ship of the winner?

1. Alexis Chartel, although managing to sink her opponent's Carrier and Patrol Boat, still lost; her opponent was not surnamed Roon.
2. The surviving ship of the kid whose last name is Azzuro (who is not Jason) is shorter than the surviving ship of the player that beat the kid surnamed Yeller.
3. The kid who defeated Charlie won because of his or her surviving Submarine.
4. Fred (who is not surnamed Blanc) lost to the kid who's last name is Black (who is not Bart).
5. One of the matches was between the players surnamed Lavender and Tanger.
6. Three - and only three - of the matches were between one boy and one girl.
7. The five games were the one Stacie won (but the loser was not surnamed Chartel), the one Patty lost, the one won by the boy who's last name is Brown, the one lost by the kid who's last name is Blanc, and the one where the only surviving ship was a Patrol Boat (who's last name is not Black).
8. Bart managed to have his Carrier survive the entire game, thus winning his game.
9. The kids surnamed Peach and Lavender had the same result in their matches.
10. Georgia Roon won her match, but not against Patty or Charlie.


In case you need all the kid's names:
The boys are Bart, Charlie, Fred, Jason, and Roger.
The girls are Alexis, Georgia, Lila, Patty, and Stacie.
The last names are Azzuro, Black, Blanc, Brown, Chartrel, Lavender, Peach, Roon, Tanger, and Yeller.

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