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Function Table #1

Submitted By:Magyk555
Fun:** (1.8)
Difficulty:*** (2.41)

A function table is a table of order pairs that follow a rule. A rule tells how one number is related to another. In this brainteaser, I will give you a function table (sometimes called an input-output table) and you need to figure out what the rule is. I will give you an example.


Input(A) Output(B)
7 9
13 15
1 3
3 5
9 11
The rule in this example is add 2. Now here is the real deal. Find out what the rule is.
*This one will be harder than the example. Way harder.

Input(A) Output(B)
7 23.98
13 42.82
39 124.46
1 5.14
100 316



*Pi is just a part of it.

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