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XHTML is the newer version of the language used to create web pages. How much do you know about this language?


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#1   XHTML requires a DOCTYPE to know how to properly validate the code. What is the DOCTYPE required for a document that uses frames?

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#2   What is the tag used to indent text from both sides of the page?

#3   What code do you use to put a comment in your code?

#4   The < i > < /i > tag is deprecated in XHTML. What is the CSS that you should use for this effect?

#5   With HTML, you can't change the margins on the page, but with CSS, you can. What is the proper CSS for changing the margin on the entire page?

#6   The center tag isn't allowed in XHTML, and neither is the align="center" attribute. What is the CSS used to achieve this effect?

#7   You can include CSS in an external document. What is the proper XHTML to link to this document?

#8   You use the < img / > tag to include images on your page. Which of these is not a required attribute for the image tag?

#9   XHTML requires all tags to be closed in the proper order. You have to close tags in the opposite order in which they appear. Is the following code valid XHTML? < b > < i > < u > text < / i > < / u > < / b >

#10   Several tags are required for tables. Which one of these is not one of them?





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