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Pixar Movies

Take this quiz to see how well you know Pixar's movies.


Quiz ID:#13578
Fun:*** (2.72)
Difficulty:** (1.11)
Category:Movies > Animated
Created By:j279Aus****!!




#1   Marlin watches as his son is taken away from him. During the search for his son, he meets and becomes friends with Dory. With Dory's help, he is able to rescue his son. What movie is this?

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#2   Flik is an independent thinker. When one of his inventions goes wrong, he embarks on a mission to save his friends from a gang of freeloaders so that he can get back in their good graces. What movie is this?

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#3   Woody is taken away from his friends. They risk their lives trying to save him, but when they find him, he must decide whether or not he wants to leave with them. What movie is this?

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#4   A seemingly normal family must use their respective strengths to save the day (and the world). What movie is this?

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#5   McQueen is close to getting everything he ever hoped for, including success and fame. His life takes an unexpected detour when a small community shows him what he's been missing. What movie is this?

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#6   In "Ratatouille", a rat dreams of becoming a chef. What is the rat's name?

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#7   Woody's life is perfect until Buzz enters it. He quickly wins the affections of Woody's friends, and they become rivals. When they become trapped together in a neighbor's house, they must learn to put aside their differences. What movie is this?

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#8   Mike and Sulley are friends and co-workers. When Sulley befriends a lost girl, they take risks to return her to her home. What movie is this? (Do not include punctuation in the answer.)

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#9   What Pixar movie was the first to be released?

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#10   The little girl in "Monsters, Inc." is called ______ because she often says, "______!" (The same word is used in both blanks.)

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