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World War II

The prosperity that America experienced in the 1920's wasn't experienced in Europe. World War II didn't start until the late 1930's, but the events leading up to the war started in the 1920's. How much do you know about the events leading up to the Second World War and the several conflicts of the war itself?


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#1   The Treaty of Versailles put a lot of restrictions on Germany. This included a limit on the amount of troops in its army. How many troops was it allowed in its army?

#2   Adolf Hitler, who became the dictator of Germany, married on April 29, 1945. How many days after he married did he die?

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#3   The Prime Minister of Canada met with Adolf Hitler, and he felt that Hitler wasn't a threat to anybody because of the Treaty of Versailles. Who was the Prime Minister of Canada?

#4   In Hitler's rise to power, he created a national symbol to restore national pride to German people. What was this national symbol called?

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#5   During Hitler's rise to power, he went against the Treaty of Versailles, rebuilt his army, and marched it into the Rhineland. After the capture of what country did Great Britain and France declare war?

#6   At this battle, Britain and France evacuated to live to fight another day. What was the name of this battle?

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#7   The Battle of Britain was Germany's plan to get Britain to surrender. What code name did this battle have?

#8   Was Operation Barbarossa successful for Germany?

#9   Dieppe was a disaster for Canadian troops. The Allies hoped to gain information and prisoners. Which of these listed below was not a reason for the disaster?

#10   Stalingrad was the last obstacle keeping Germany away from the oil fields. What was so significant about this event?

#11   One key event was the Jewish Holocaust. This was a genocide to eliminate all undesirables. What death camp was Anne Frank held in?

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#12   After the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, the Canadian government forced the Japanese Canadians into camps in the prairies to get them away from the coast of Canada. In what year were the Japanese Canadians allowed to return home?

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#13   The United States had dropped two nuclear bombs on cities in Japan. What city was targeted first by the United States?





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