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100 People Who Changed America - Inventors

Countless people have changed America, or even the world, in many ways, but the 100 individuals included in this quiz series have had an impact that demands special attention.


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#1   As a young child, this boy disassembled a watch, examined it, and then made his own. As he got older, he became a mathematician and inventor. He also figured out how to predict both solar and lunar eclipses.

#2   This man is the founder of Atari Inc., and is the creator of "Pong". He created his first game, "Computer Space", in his daughter's bedroom in 1971.

#3   At age 27, this man was able to communicate to people in different areas due to his invention, an early version of the telephone. This inventor is generally credited for inventing the first telephone, although some disagree.

#4   This botanist/educator/researcher created one of the most popular foods in America today - peanut butter. He created more than 325 products from peanuts, including shampoo.

#5   This man invented the "Quick Freeze Machine" after watching Eskimos freeze fish. This man was willing to eat anything, and has claimed to have eaten beaver tail, chipmunks, whale, and skunk.

#6   This man invented air conditioning. His first customers for the air conditioner were Madison Square Garden and the U.S. Senate and House chambers. The first air-conditioned home, called "Weathermaker", was in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

#7   In 1908, his company developed the first moving assembly line. This permitted him to sell cars more quickly, and sell them cheaper. He patented the first plastic-bodied vehicle; soybean products were used to make the plastic.

#8   Mickey Mouse wouldn't exist without this man. He produced the first animated feature film in the USA - "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs". He also released the first cartoon with synchronized sound ("Steamboat Willie") in 1928.

#9   "To invent you need a good imagination and a pile of junk" were words by this famous inventor. He made advancements to the light bulb, and also patented an electronic vote counter.

#10   This man was a scientist, diplomat, inventor, revolutionary, writer, printer, publisher, etc. His "Poor Richard's Almanac" coined the phrase: "A penny saved is a penny earned".





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