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Tales of the Tall, American Style

Folklore has ruled the colloquial style of speaking, from allusions of mythical character to anecdotes about the tales of Davy Crockett. How well do you know these literary traditions?


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Created By:luckythirteenAus****!




#1   This dynamic duo sparked talk after mapping the uncharted land of the recently bought Louisiana territory. In their epic journey, these two explorers encountered Indian tribes such as the Sioux and Blackfeet. Who were they?

#2   According to legend, this outlaw killed 21 people, one person for each year of his life. He became a symbolic character of the American Old West. Who was he?

#3   This lady was the first person in America to be classified as a healthy carrier of typhoid fever. History says she infected 47 people in the course of her career as a cook. Who was she?

#4   This ape-like beast supposedly lives within forests, mostly in the Pacific Northwest region of North America. This beast is usually described as large and hairy, with a humanoid appearance. What is this creature?

#5   This creature, also referred to as antelrabbit and stagbunny, is a fictional animal. Some people believe the tales of this animal were influenced by sightings of rabbits diseased with the Shope papilloma virus. What is this creature?

#6   This man preferred to be called David, rather than his more famous nickname. He died at the Battle of the Alamo. Who was this man?

#7   Area 51 is a famed military base in southern Nevada. Due to the secrecy concerning the base, it has become the topic of many conspiracy theories, as well as the main part of UFO folklore.

#8   This American patriot's renowned "midnight ride" spawned many tales. He was exalted as the messenger in the Battles of Lexington and Concord. Who was this man?

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#9   The fur-bearing trout, or furry trout, is a real species of fish that can be found in the frozen waters of Alaska.

#10   Women who fought in the American Revolutionary War were nicknamed Molly Pitcher. This nickname was inspired by a combination of actions by real women.





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