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Star Trek: The Next Generation 2

Here is more "Star Trek: The Next Generation" trivia.


Quiz ID:#2370
Fun:** (1.8)
Difficulty:*** (2.53)
Created By:emsnurseus****




#1   What was the name of the woman that Captain Picard met while on Risa, who left with Q?

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#2   How did Geordi's sister train her cat to jump into her arms on command?

#3   According to the official blueprints of Enterprise, there are three bathrooms located on the bridge.

#4   On which episode did Counselor Troi "go crazy" because she could not stop the music in her head?

#5   Which "Sherlock Holmes" character attemped to take over the Enterprise?

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#6   In "Host" why does Dr. Crusher no longer want to continue a relationship with the Trill negotiator?

#7   Who is "Heir to the Holy Rings of Betazed"?

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#8   What is the name of the holodeck character that is created by the Bynars to keep Riker on the ship?

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#9   In which episode did Worf deliver Keiko's baby?

#10   Who does Captain Riker choose as his First Officer after Picard/Locutus is assimilated by the Borg?





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