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"Family Guy" - First Episode - Death has a Shadow

Only very big fans of "Family Guy" will probably get these.


Quiz ID:#2971
Fun:** (1.37)
Difficulty:*** (3)
Category:Television > Comedy
Created By:JordanoleeAca***




#1   What show are the Griffins watching in the first episode?

Your Answer: (Show Hint)

#2   What kind of ice cream did Peter have when he went to the ice cream store (when Lois is telling him not to drink at the stag party)?

Your Answer: (Show Hint)

#3   How many beers did Peter have at the stag party?

Your Answer: (Show Hint)

#4   Peter broke the family record for drinking beers at the stag party.

#5   How many clips of kids playing with Peter's unsafe toys does it show?

Your Answer: (Show Hint)

#6   What kind of sandwich is Stewie having, when Peter comes home the day after he was fired?

#7   How many jobs did Peter try out the first week when coming home to Brian?

Your Answer: (Show Hint)

#8   While Peter is doing the "Coocoo for Cocoa Puffs" commercial, after his first take, what was the next take Peter is shown doing? Take __.

Your Answer: (Show Hint)

#9   Why did Peter go over to Tiananmen Square?

#10   What kind of food was Lois going to the Stop n' Shop for?

Your Answer: (Show Hint)

#11   How old was Peter when he first farted?

Your Answer: (Show Hint)

#12   How much money does Peter receive from the Welfare Office per week?

#13   What statue does Peter rent?

Your Answer: (Show Hint)

#14   What does Mr. Weed call Peter's statue's "limb"?

Your Answer: (Show Hint)

#15   How many Chicken Fajitas does Peter order at the fast food drive-thru?

Your Answer: (Show Hint)

#16   Who is Lois' jester that Peter buys for her?

Your Answer: (Show Hint)

#17   What did Lois say they got when the mail woman came to the front of the house?

#18   Finish this quote. "Now we have enough money to pay for whatever we want, with enough left over to buy our way out of any trouble our kids might run into. Just like the _______.

Your Answer: (Show Hint)

#19   Peter and Brian interrupt Super Bowl __ to return the taxpayers' money.

Your Answer: (Show Hint)





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