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Star Wars - Imperial Officers

In the Star Wars universe, the Galactic Empire was the authoritative force in the films "A New Hope", "The Empire Strikes Back", and "Return of the Jedi". Much of the power the Galactic Empire had was exercised through its military. Specifically, the Imperial Officers had a large part executing the will of the Emperor.


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#1   This officer was in command of the first Death Star when it was destroyed by the Rebel Alliance.

#2   This officer was stationed on the first Death Star, where he was subordinate only to the Grand Moff. He was force-choked, although not killed, by Darth Vader.

#3   This officer was commander of the Imperial Army forces aboard the first Death Star. He questioned the Emperor's decision to dissolve the Imperial Senate.

#4   This officer was in command of Detention Block AA-23 while Leia Organa was a prisoner there. He was known for his dislike of what he termed "primitive" species. In "Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope", he said, "Where are you taking this ... thing?"

#5   This officer was commander of the "Executor", a Super Star Destroyer, when the Rebel Alliance base on Hoth was discovered. He was executed soon after by Darth Vader via force choke.

#6   This officer gained command of "Executor" after his superior was executed. At this point, he was promoted from Captain to Admiral.

#7   This officer was in command of the Imperial ground forces at the battle of Hoth. An Alliance snowspeeder pilot collided with his AT-AT (All Terrain Armored Transport) cockpit.

#8   This officer was in command of "Avenger", a Star Destroyer, after the Battle of Hoth. He was charged with ensuring the "Millennium Falcon" did not escape. He took full responsibility when the "Falcon" did indeed escape.

#9   This officer was in command of the second Death Star, where he was killed upon its destruction.

#10   This officer commanded the Imperial Fleet at the Battle of Endor. His death came when the bridge of his ship was rammed by an Alliance A-wing fighter.





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