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Wicked--Cast, Plot, and History

Have you seen the musical? Think you're a WHIZ at it? You probably are...but let's see...


Quiz ID:#4543
Fun:*** (2.58)
Difficulty:** (1.39)
Category:Entertainment > Theatre
Created By:FhempenAus*****




#1   The song "Dancing Through Life" is immediately followed by what extremely popular song?

#2   In the original Broadway play, who played Elphaba?

#3   In the original Broadway play, who played Glinda?

#4   At the beginning of the play, how do you spell Glinda's first name?

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#5   What song ends Act one in a huge finale?

#6   What animal is Doctor Dillamond?

Your Answer: (Show Hint)

#7   What happens to Elphaba in the end of the play?

#8   Who by the end of the play is always talking about their own new position as a "public figure"?

#9   Which teacher at Shiz appeared to be good-hearted, but by the end of the play, turned out to be evil?

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#10   What college did Elphaba attend with her sister?

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#11   What was the full FIRST name of Elphaba's sister?

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#12   What was the nickname of Elphaba's sister?

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#13   What was wrong with Elphaba's sister (basically, why couldn't she walk)?

#14   Who did Boq secretly have a crush on, despite going out with Elphaba's sister?

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#15   Who sang the popular song "Popular"?

#16   Who is the main singer in the motivating song "Defying Gravity"?

#17   Who sang the song "No Good Deed"?

#18   What is Glinda's nickname for Elphaba? (Hint: during the play, Glinda announces that she will now call Elphaba this name and Elphaba replies, "Isn't that a little perky?")

Your Answer: (Show Hint)

#19   ______ is really the Wicked Witch of the West, and _________ (even though she doesn't really have that much power) is the Wicked Witch of the East.

#20   During the song "What Is This Feeling?" Elphaba complains about Glinda in a letter she is writing to her father. What does Elphaba say is wrong with Glinda?





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