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Won't You Be My Neighbor?

How well do you know or remember the characters and songs from "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood"?


Quiz ID:#5908
Fun:*** (2.13)
Difficulty:*** (2.28)
Category:Television > Children's Shows
Created By:CheriePenguin*us****




#1   What is the first line of the opening song of the "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood" television show?

#2   The trolley that travels to the Neighborhood of Make-Believe is primarily what color?

#3   What Roman Numeral is on the side of the castle in the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, in honor of King Friday?

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#4   How is Lady Aberlin related to King Friday in the Neighborhood of Make-Believe?

#5   The blue owl that lives in the tree in the Neighborhood of Make-Believe is named "__ the Owl".

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#6   In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Dr. Bill, Elsie Jean, and Ana are a family of what type of creature?

#7   Where does Daniel Striped Tiger live?

#8   Where does Lady Elaine Fairchilde live?

#9   Who is the school teacher for the children of the Neighborhood of Make-Believe (Ana, Prince, and Daniel)?

#10   If John Reardon appears in the Neighborhood of Make-Believe on a Mon-Thurs, there's a good chance that Friday's show will feature what?

#11   Joe Negri is the owner of "Negri's Music Shop" in the television neighborhood. By what name is he known in the Neighborhood of Make-Believe?

#12   Mr. McFeely frequently visits the television home of Mr. Rogers to deliver a video of how people make things. What is the name of the device on which Mr. Rogers plays those videos?

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#13   Don Brockett owns what type of shop in the television neighborhood?

#14   What short and simple song by Mr. Rogers contains only 6 different words? (Hint: The 1st and 3rd stanzas are the same and consist of a single word repeated over and over.)

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#15   What song is used for the ending of the show, as Mr. Rogers prepares to leave the television house?





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