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Chess Nuances and Conventions - I

Some more involved chess questions, involving nuances of strategy, traditions, terminology, and trivia. Not designed for novices, but also "Master" ranking certainly not required to answer these! If this question set is found enjoyable, I will provide several sequels. Good luck!


Quiz ID:#9613
Fun:** (2.07)
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Category:Hobbies > Games
Created By:tpg76us*!




#1   What is the name of the chess piece style that is most prevalent in modern chess sets, and is the accepted international standard for tournament play?

#2   When the chessboard is properly set up prior to a game, what color squares are the two Kings on? (Note - by convention, player colors are denoted in upper case, as Black and White; square colors are in lower case, as black and white.)

#3   What is the acronym that represents the world's leading chess organization? Among other things, this organization sets ratings for players, and establishes tournaments leading to (and including) the world championship.

#4   What is the term for the opening of the Bishop, or its placement early in the game, on the second rank and the longest diagonal? (E.g., Bb2 or Bg2 for White; Bb7 or Bg7 for Black.)

#5   What is the term for the opening of the Knight, or its placement early in the game, on the third rank of the Rook file? (E.g., Na3 or Nh3 for White; Na6 or Nh6 for Black.)

#6   What is the term that describes a piece that is left under attack and undefended, and thus can be immediately captured at no apparent cost?

#7   What is the name of the popular system for determining pairings in tournament play, in which players with identical (alternatively, very close) performance at any point in the tournament are paired together?

#8   Your Pawn is on the 5th rank. An opposing, adjacent-column Pawn is moved two squares, from its start to the opponent's 4th rank - now adjacent to your Pawn. Your 5th-rank Pawn can capture this adjacent Pawn, by invoking what rule or convention?

#9   In what city was the last men's world chess championship held that featured an American player?

#10   The term "perpetual check" refers to what situation, with what consequence?





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