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Another Harry Potter Quiz...

Here are some questions for fans of Harry Potter!


Quiz ID:#9778
Fun:*** (2.75)
Difficulty:* (1.09)
Category:Literature > Harry Potter
Created By:nidhoggAgb*****




#1   Rowena Ravenclaw's famous quotation, "Wit beyond measure is man's greatest treasure," is constantly quoted by which of these people?

#2   After Dumbledore's death, who does the Death Eater Yaxley place under the Imperius curse?

#3   Who fatally wounded Dobby in Malfoy Manor?

#4   Hermione's Yule Ball partner, Viktor Krum, plays International Quidditch for what country?

#5   Which Patronus has not been seen so far in the series (or belonged to one of the characters we have met)?

#6   During the second Battle of Hogwarts, who had the Sorting Hat placed on their head and set alight?

#7   Which one of these names was not given to a child we saw in the epilogue at King's Cross?

#8   Where did Voldemort hide his diadem Horcrux?

#9   Godric's Hollow was not home to which one of these?

#10   Which of these did Harry receive for his birthday?

#11   Harry, Ron, and Hermione shelter with Kreacher from Voldemort in Book Seven.

#12   Which one of these is not a goblin?

#13   During the raid on Gringotts, who does Hermione say Ron is while talking to the Death Eater Travers?

#14   Which character works with dragons?

#15   Harry, Ron, and Hermione duel Death Eaters Dolohov and Rowle at which London landmark?

#16   Neville Longbottom ends up teaching which subject at Hogwarts?

#17   Thestrals are not seen by which of the following people?

#18   Professor Quirrell taught Defence Against the Dark Arts in Harry's first year. What was his first name?

#19   Madam Bones, a member of the Wizengamot, was murdered at the start of Book Six. Who else's death is mentioned?

#20   During the chase through the sky when George loses an ear and Mad-Eye Moody is killed, whose wand does Voldemort attempt to use against Harry before it shatters?





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