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76 In the 8th century, Charlemagne stated that 240 pennies should be minted from a pound of silver. History > Ancient 02/12/09
77 Luddites often destroyed machines during the Industrial Revolution, for they felt the machines were leaving them without work. History > European 02/11/09
78 The Mines Acts of 1842 forbade women and children under the age of ten to work underground. History > European 02/10/09
79 Louis-Philippe of France was forced to abdicate the French throne after the February 1848 Revolution; he escaped to England and renamed himself "Mr. Smith". History > European 02/08/09
80 The Enclosure Acts was one reason for the start of the Industrial Revolution in Great Britain. History > European 02/07/09
81 Thomas Malthus believed the population would always outgrow its food supply. History > European 02/07/09
82 Louis Napoleon became the President of the Second Republic of France after an election in 1848. History > European 02/07/09
83 George Stephenson built an effective locomotive called the "Rocket", which ran at sixteen miles per hour on the track of the recently completed Liverpool and Manchester Railway in 1830. History > European 02/06/09
84 Henry Cort developed the puddling furance in the 1780s, which allowed pig iron to be refined with coke. History > European 02/06/09
85 King Louis XVIII was forced to sign the Constitutional Charter of 1814 by the Congress of Vienna in order to be restored to the throne of France. History > European 02/06/09
86 James Nasmyth successfully introduced the steam hammer in 1832, which was the forerunner of the modern pile driver. History > European 02/06/09
87 David Ricardo, a wealthy English stockbroker and economist, stated in his iron law of wages that wages would always sink to subsistence level due to the pressure of population growth. History > European 02/06/09
88 Louis XVIII and Charles X were brothers of Louis XVI, but both men died without an heir, which ended the Bourbon dynasty. History > European 02/06/09
89 The Credit Mobilier of Paris was founded by Isaac and Emile Pereire, two young Jewish journalists from Bordeaux. History > European 02/05/09
90 The Great Exhibition of 1851 was held in the Crystal Palace, a building made entirely of glass and iron. History > European 02/05/09

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