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1 Alexander II ruled from 1855 until his assassination in 1881. History > European 02/28/09
2 Alexander Kerensky was the second leader of the Russian Provisional Government until Lenin came to power. History > European 03/31/09
3 Anna of the Romanov Dynasty succeeded Peter II as ruler of Russia and ruled from 1730 to 1740. History > European 03/01/09
4 Benjamin Disraeli was twice Prime Minister of Great Britain. History > European 02/15/09
5 Catherine I (the Great) of Russia ruled from 1725 to 1727. History > European 03/02/09
6 Charles Fourier was born on April 7, 1772 as François Marie Charles Fourier. History > European 01/18/09
7 Charles II the Bald was the grandson of Charlemagne. History > European 03/04/09
8 Dachau was the first Nazi German concentration camp that opened in Germany in 1933. History > European 04/05/09
9 David Ricardo, a wealthy English stockbroker and economist, stated in his iron law of wages that wages would always sink to subsistence level due to the pressure of population growth. History > European 02/06/09
10 Edward VIII was King of the United Kingdom from January to December 1936. History > European 03/08/09
11 Elizabeth II became the Queen of the United Kingdom on February 6, 1952. History > European 03/02/09
12 Frédéric Passy was born in France. History > European 05/29/08
13 Frederick William I was known as the "Soldier King" and ruled from 1713 to 1740. History > European 03/05/09
14 George Stephenson built an effective locomotive called the "Rocket", which ran at sixteen miles per hour on the track of the recently completed Liverpool and Manchester Railway in 1830. History > European 02/06/09
15 George V reigned as King of the United Kingdom from 1910 to 1936. History > European 03/08/09

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