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1 While humans have 6 muscles in each ear, a cat has 32 muscles in each ear. Nature > Animals 04/13/15
2 When a Tasmanian Devil has a fat tail it means that it is healthy. Nature > Animals 06/19/08
3 Traveling 0.03 MPH, it would take 33.3 hours for a garden snail to travel a mile. Nature > Insects 01/09/15
4 Tigers have striped skin under their fur. Nature > Animals 07/25/09
5 The tuatara is a type of lizard that has three eyes. Nature > Animals 06/13/08
6 The tongue of a chameleon is longer than its body. Nature > Animals 09/30/08
7 The technical term for a cat's hairball ( or any hairball spitting animal ) is a trichobezoar, or for short, a bezoar. Nature > Animals 12/31/12
8 The spotted turtle is identified by yellow spots that are scattered on its carapace; this turtle also has yellow and orange spots on its head, limbs, and neck. Nature > Animals 12/24/08
9 The sky, when not clouded over, in seen as a blue color due to the scattering of light waves by the particles and gases in the air. In the morning, the sky looks pink or red because there are more short wavelengths being scattered than medium (Blue) waves. Likewise, at sunset there are quite a bit more long waves, which are red, being scattered. Nature 04/07/13
10 The scientific name of the red fox is Vulpes Vulpes. Nature > Animals 07/27/15
11 The platypus is a monotreme. Nature > Animals 05/21/08
12 The Peregrine Falcon is the fastest animal in the world which can reach up to 200 mph. Nature > Animals 09/05/08
13 The name of a baby swan is a cygnet. Nature > Animals 06/04/08
14 The name for creatures with two different eye colors is called Heterochromia Nature > Animals 04/07/16
15 The heaviest insect in the world is the Goliath Beetle. Nature > Insects 05/15/08

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