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91 The name of a baby swan is a cygnet. Nature > Animals 06/04/08
92 The Peregrine Falcon is the fastest animal in the world which can reach up to 200 mph. Nature > Animals 09/05/08
93 The platypus is a monotreme. Nature > Animals 05/21/08
94 The scientific name of the red fox is Vulpes Vulpes. Nature > Animals 07/27/15
95 The spotted turtle is identified by yellow spots that are scattered on its carapace; this turtle also has yellow and orange spots on its head, limbs, and neck. Nature > Animals 12/24/08
96 The technical term for a cat's hairball ( or any hairball spitting animal ) is a trichobezoar, or for short, a bezoar. Nature > Animals 12/31/12
97 The tongue of a chameleon is longer than its body. Nature > Animals 09/30/08
98 The tuatara is a type of lizard that has three eyes. Nature > Animals 06/13/08
99 Tigers have striped skin under their fur. Nature > Animals 07/25/09
100 When a Tasmanian Devil has a fat tail it means that it is healthy. Nature > Animals 06/19/08
101 While humans have 6 muscles in each ear, a cat has 32 muscles in each ear. Nature > Animals 04/13/15

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