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1 Alfred Nobel was the inventor of dynamite. People > Scientists 06/03/08
2 Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin, an antibiotic that kills bacteria. People > Scientists 06/15/08
3 In 1901, the Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded to Wilhelm Röntgen. People > Scientists 06/21/08
4 Hipparchus was a Greek astronomer. People > Scientists 08/17/08
5 Alexander Graham Bell, the inventor of the telephone, had a deaf wife and mother. People > Scientists 03/13/09
6 Richard Feynman, famous for his work on the Manhattan Project (in which the first atomic bomb was developed), was a member of the panel that investigated the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster. People > Scientists 04/10/09
7 Stephen Hawking, famous for his work in theoretical physics in spite of a severe handicap which confines him to a wheelchair, has appeared on the television show "Star Trek: The Next Generation", playing a hologram of himself. People > Scientists 04/11/09
8 Isaac Newton quantified gravitation mathematically, creating a formula for the gravitational attraction between any two bodies. People > Scientists 04/11/09
9 Albert Einstein published (his) General Theory of Relativity in 1916. People > Scientists 06/11/09
10 Ronald Ross won the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1902. People > Scientists 07/12/09
11 Emil von Behring won the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1901. People > Scientists 07/12/09
12 Niels Ryberg Finsen won the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1903. People > Scientists 07/13/09
13 Emil Theodor Kocher won the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1909. People > Scientists 07/13/09
14 Charles Darwin was born in Shrewsberry, England on February 12, 1809 at his family home, the Mount. People > Scientists 01/08/11
15 Charles Darwin had ten children. People > Scientists 04/18/11

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