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1 A number is a triangular number if the sum of one and the product of eight and the number is an odd square number. Science > Math 01/10/17
2 An amblygon is another word for a(n) obtuse triangle. Science > Math 11/10/11
3 The Mayan number system is in base twenty. Science > Math 12/06/09
4 The imaginary unit, commonly referred to as "i", is the square root of negative one. Science > Math 02/06/09
5 The base of the duodecimal system is 12. Science > Math 01/31/09
6 A Klein bottle is a non-orientable surface with no distinct "inner" and "outer" sides. Science > Math 11/16/08
7 Spherical trigonometry, studies triangles on spheres, and is important in astronomy and navigation. Science > Math 11/01/08
8 There are general formulas for solving polynomial equations of degree less than 5, using only addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and root extraction, but no such formula exists for polynomials of degree 5 or higher. Science > Math 10/31/08
9 A prime number is a number (other than the number 1) that has no numbers that divide evenly into itself besides itself and one. Science > Math 09/25/08
10 Unlike in the real numbers and the complex numbers, multiplication in the quaternions is not commutative. Science > Math 09/21/08
11 Pi, the mathematical constant, is an irrational number. Science > Math 09/21/08
12 Hipparchus invented trigonometry to describe how the planets move. Science > Math 09/21/08
13 Goldbach's conjecture states that every even number greater than 2 is the sum of two prime numbers. Science > Math 09/14/08
14 Trigonometry is the study of the measurement of triangles. Science > Math 09/12/08
15 The base of the quinary system is 5. Science > Math 08/14/08

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