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Rebus brain teasers use words or letters in interesting orientations to represent common phrases.


Fun:** (1.63)
Difficulty:** (1.88)
Submitted By:BadBunnee02


What common phrase is suggested by the following single figure?


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Posted by BadBunnee02 on Mar 29, 2014

Here is, to my knowledge, the only one-character rebus thus far to appear on Braingle.

If you know of any others (on Braingle), please post the Teaser # here.

I wish to thank the editors for their patience in helping me get it formatted and posted.

There are some (not many) one-letter rebuses in existence but most are "one-word" answers and not in a "phrase" format preferred by Braingle and are also not necessarily "common" (idiomatic) expressions.

For example: N ("enlarge") or x ("annex").

Posted by BadBunnee02 on Mar 31, 2014

Here's another:


I received an e-mail about this one, but having difficulty finding just the "right" common expression.

If anybody can do it, let us know here.

Posted by BadBunnee02 on Mar 31, 2014

or ......
submit it as a rebus (if you wish).

I probably won't

Posted by BadBunnee02 on Apr 09, 2014

OK .... OK ......

Ya got me !!!!! (feigns last-gasp Hollywood oater-movie-type death-rattles)

the "n" is NOT a single-character entry !!!!!!

It is surrounded by HUNDREDS of "blank" characters.

Yep ..... "blank" (space) is a legit character (ASCII 032)

BUTTTT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I shall NOT reveal your name OR your screenie. And if you do so, yourself, I shall call you a "dirty-rat-liar" and unleash the "hounds of hades" (textually) or - (heaven forbid), rebusly - upon you.

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