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Submitted By:dalfamnest


It was going to be another really hot day, but Ted needed a new pair of cool sunnies* before he could hit the surf. He needed another $52 to buy the ones he wanted.

Ted decided to sell home-made smoothies at his gate: $2 each, or three for $4. He had the $52 after selling 32 smoothies, stopped work and headed off to the beach.

How many smoothies had been sold at the $2 price?

* sunnies = sunglasses in New Zealand & Australia


[14 @ $2 = $28; 18 @ 3 for $4 = $24]

If he had sold them all at $2, he would have earned $64. The $12 difference is the discount he gave to six people buying 3 for $4.

So 18 were sold at the discount price - the other 14 were sold individually.


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Posted by annie9698 on Oct 14, 2012

what if he sold 20 @ $2 =$ 40
and 9 @ 3 for 4 = $12

sold 22 @ $2 = $44
and 6 @ 3 for 4 = $8

I haven't done all the math but there may be other solutions too.

Posted by Mad-Ade on Oct 25, 2012

he could have sold 16 at $3 = $48 and two at $2 = $4 with adds up to the $52 needed. There are numerous answers to this teaser.

Posted by dalfamnest on Nov 01, 2012

Hey guys - read the Teaser properly! If you ignore one important detail, yes, there's lots of solutions! BUT ... there's one correct solution only. Have another look.

Posted by Eng_Masoud on Jul 07, 2013

nice 1 dude

Posted by Jimbo on Dec 07, 2014

The teaser clearly says that he sold 32 smoothies. One solution!

Posted by XminiX on Jun 11, 2015

I did it in a slightly more complex and an algebraic way.

Let x be the number of smoothies sold which cost $2 each and let y be the number of smoothies sold from the deal of buying 3 for $4.

This means 2x+(4y/3)=52
x+y also= 32 (number of smoothies sold)

If you sold them simultaneously, you will get x=14

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