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You exercise your body to stay physically in shape, so why shouldn't you exercise your brain to stay mentally fit? With these daily exercises you will learn how to flex your mind, improve your creativity and boost your memory. As with any exercise, repetition is necessary for you to see improvement, so pick your favorite exercises from our daily suggestions and repeat them as desired. Try to do some mentalrobics every single day!


verb :: An omen, prediction, or presentiment especially of coming evil.

"The dark clouds were boding trouble for the unprepared campers."



adj :: Having great variety. Diversified.

"There are multifarious reasons why your computer may not be working."



verb :: To give a silly, self-conscious or coy smile.

"In Mary Ann there was a certain affected simper, and a craving for notice, that I was sorry to observe." --Bronte, Anne



adj :: Awkward or clumsy in appearance, manner, or behavior.

"But when the nurse saw his uncouth face and full beard, she was afraid and sprang up and fled and left the child." --Homer



adj :: Showing kindness and gentleness.

"The benign nature of the nurse put all her patients at ease."




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