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Stephen King Cameo Roles

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Credited with writing over 100 shows, movies, and mini-series, Stephen King has also taken on the role of actor. It is not uncommon to sit down to a filmed version of his work and see the writer somewhere. Can you match his cameo appearance with the movie/show/mini-series it can be seen in?

Sample Questions

1. As backwoods farmer Jordy Verrill, Stephen King thought he could make a fortune by selling a meteorite found very near his home. Instead, he found himself covered in an odd moss-like substance at the end of his segment in __________.

2. As Teddy Weizak, Stephen King helped others along during the long trek to find Mother Abigail in __________.

3. In the 1997 mini-series version of this story, Stephen King played Gage Creed, the band leader at a very odd and very old party.

4. As Tom Holby, the boss of Craig Toomey (played by Bronson Pinchot), Stephen King was nothing but a hallucination in __________.

5. In this film, Mr. King's brief appearance is as a minister at a funeral.

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