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"Sonic Generations"

This is a quiz on the basics of the Xbox 360 version of "Sonic Generations"! This quiz asks about details of details on characters, places, items, music, and specifics of the game's creation!


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Fun:*** (2.56)
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Category:Entertainment > Video Games
Created By:CelcoWhite


#1   This game was made in 2012.

#2   In the opening sequence, what are the characters celebrating?

#3   You can level up Sonic in this game.

#4   How many city levels are there in "Sonic Generations"?

#5   Who are the three rivals, in order?

#6   Other than rings and emeralds, what do you collect in this game?

#7   What is the top rank for a level?

#8   How many challenges are there in the game?

#9   Which game does NOT make any appearance in music or gameplay?

#10   What is the name of the final boss?




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