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Game Forum Rules and Questions for the Moderators

Posted: 02:50PM Dec 30, 2007
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7 tourists unluckily stumble across a Haunted Mansion in the dead of night. Little do they know, the Braingle ghost is haunting it! Can they defeat the ghost without being scared... to death???

When Signups are completed, everyone will be sent a PM saying who their character is. There must not be any PM or of the sort to other players with the intention of revealing identities.

Each Phase lasts 2 days or sooner if all votes are accounted for.


(1 ghost,
7 tourists)


-This is when the tourists have the opportunity to PM the mod with their desired equipment to use and on whom. (They don't know who is who). If they end up attacking another tourist, the target is dazed and will revive back in the next Day Phase, meaning he can't get scared away during the night. If you do attack the ghost AND with the correct equipment, the tourists automatically win!!!
The ghost can also discuss who to vote for to divert attention away from themselves.


-This is when the Ghost PM's the mod with their desired target to scare away. They do not know which tourists are dazed. They can not scare away dazed tourists (Though the person they first vote for CANNOT be changed) though however they do know who are the tourists. So watch out. If the ghost ends up scaring away all the tourists, then the ghost wins!!!


TOURISTS EQUIPMENT (To use against the ghost.)
-Spell Book
-Holy Water

Whaccha think? I've started it in the Subscribers Forum!!!

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It's amazing how things have changed since I've been gone!
Posted: 07:49AM Dec 31, 2007
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This seems like another Werewolf clone with some minor differences.

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Posted: 02:24AM Jan 2, 2008
Posts: 3477

This Game topic is a duplicate of This or That under a different name. Should it be locked?

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Posted: 02:30AM Jan 2, 2008
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There are two First Impression topics. Should one be locked until the other fills up?

Topic 1
Topic 2

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Posted: 08:25AM Jan 2, 2008
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Those have been taken care of. Thanks!

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Posted: 03:04PM Jan 15, 2008
Posts: 2677

About the new "Report" button:

Should we use it to notify you about duplicate topics that need to be locked, or only in case of emergy/offensive posts?

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Posted: 08:21PM Feb 5, 2008
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Wow. I come back after a 1 year break, and look at what has happened! 300 WTB/TWG??? Question: how do you make your own TWG - I see no topics in the Games forum

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Posted: 02:20AM Feb 6, 2008
Posts: 1343

you go to games, select TWG, and in the list of games being played and games accepting sign-ups, if you scroll right to the bottom of the page, there is a box with "mod your own game", where you input how long you want the day and night to be, how many players you'd like etc. I think you must have played at least one game to be an eligible mod in a TWG. Then your game gets put into the 'accepting signups' folder (at the top of the same screen). You can then go in and make your own storyline up, and explain to prospective players your specific rules.

The same goes if you wish to play Who's the Boss.

Hope that helps!

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Post from Trickster1992 deleted on 12:53PM Mar 11, 2008.
Posted: 02:53PM Mar 12, 2008
Posts: 1216

One question...

1. If one wants to make a BIG topic, like a sticky, what does one have to do, since only mods can sticky it?


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Posted: 04:02PM Mar 12, 2008
Posts: 2953

You will need to pm a mod with the topic you wish to start. If it is one that deserves a sticky, then we can sticky it once it is opened. Please refer to the game forum rules regarding what games are allowed in the forum. If it is a moderated game, it must be hosted by a Games Forum Mod unless special permission is given.

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Posted: 05:07PM Mar 12, 2008
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Posted: 12:13PM Apr 24, 2008
Posts: 284

Whats a sticky?

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Posted: 10:26AM May 22, 2008
Posts: 2255

A topic that doesn't move if the topic gets old.Does that answer your question

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Post from Reyth deleted on 12:32AM May 29, 2008.
Posted: 04:37PM Jun 9, 2008
Posts: 12

Ok I'm not complaining or anything but...

In Tetris I think the high scores of 3 million+ are PERPOSTEROUSLY IMPOSSIBLE. I've played the game starting at level 10 and I can't see how ANYONE can handle the bricks falling that fast for any extended period, much less for as long as it must take to get to 3 million.

Btw, I can get to level 10 naturally, starting from level 1.

Now, for my principle question.

I think those people with the high scores have found a way to slow the bricks down. If I could find a way to do that, would that be OK with the Braingle staff?

(IF NO) Has the Braingle staff looked into these high scores and the possibility that some kind of third party software has been used to slow the bricks down?

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Posted: 08:27AM Jun 10, 2008
Posts: 1870

If the site owner, Jake, has any suspicion, he will look into it. Since Tetris has been on the site for a while and so have the high scores, I'm sure that from Jake's standpoint the issue is moot.

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Posted: 10:45AM Jun 10, 2008
Posts: 12

Ok I infer from your answer that slowing the bricks down is NOT a good thing...

GAME: Fully Coded Werewolf Forum (PLAY FAST TURNS & FINISH A GAME IN A FEW HOURS!) (or see my wiki)
Posted: 12:15PM Jun 10, 2008
Posts: 1870

It's neither here no there. Tetris is a flash game. Flash games become quite unusable if you try to use external methods of slowing them down (like a CPU hogger).

Never send a linguist to do a physicist's work.
Posted: 12:46PM Jun 10, 2008
Posts: 896

Two points:

1. The best times on the word seek games are a load of BS. You should just erase them.

2. King Of Smart's checkers tourney seems to have stalled. No action on the site and one matchup never occurred. Is this still on-going?

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