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People Died Today

Posted: 04:32AM Sep 19, 2009
Grayma V
Posts: 4422

I do mourn the passing of Patrick Swayze. May he always dance in heaven.

Les Paul, my father's favorite musician. He was so innovative laying one track down after another. I can still hear "How High the Moon" which his wife Mary sang. But Paul surely will be remembered by all guitarists. RIP

The sound of the wild, but if there is no one there, does anyone hear their howls?
Posted: 11:21AM Sep 19, 2009
Posts: 5148

PineappleMama wrote:
-Michael Jackson
-Farrah Fawcett
-Billy Mays
-Ted Kennedy
-Walter Kronkite
-Ed McMahon
-John Hughes
-Les Paul
-Patrick Swayze
-Mary Travers (of Peter, Paul & Mary)

Tally: 12

Quote and add to the list

This list is extremely long, especially for celebrities. Really unfortunate times for them right now. It's just one after another.... I don't know why this is happening seems like every week a famous person passes away...

"Success comes before work, only in the dictionary."
Posted: 08:37PM Sep 19, 2009
Posts: 667

But then people make a big deal about a person who stood in the background for some movie dying. You have to figure out HOW famous they were, and then make a list. Yes people did die today, but instead of mourning that, why don't we celebrate the lives we GAINED instead?

I'm running out of Dancing Bananas.
Posted: 11:27PM Sep 19, 2009
Posts: 2924

regarding your commentary, it is because that is not what this topic is about.
it's about noting the people who are now lost to us.

if notariety were a requirement, you wouldn't even be here.


Human intelligence has peaked, and is declining. For proof, see Speaker of House
Posted: 09:46AM Oct 9, 2009
Posts: 5082

WOW! No-one's died for nearly THREE WEEKS!

Snappy Snappy Snap..Snap Snap Snap Snap!
Posted: 10:31AM Oct 9, 2009
Posts: 7615

Wow! It's a miracle.

No wonder Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize!

"The greatest cause of unhappiness in the world today is trading what we want most for what we want now."
Posted: 12:34AM Oct 14, 2009
Posts: 2924

hmm, such a smarmy cheap shot in the inappropriate place. just as i would have expected..

now back to the subject.

No one that i know personally died today.
No one that i know, personally, died today.

the effect is the same either way. it's a good thing.

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Human intelligence has peaked, and is declining. For proof, see Speaker of House
Posted: 10:28AM Oct 14, 2009
Posts: 5082

No one, that I know, personally, died today, either.

Snappy Snappy Snap..Snap Snap Snap Snap!
Posted: 10:43AM Oct 14, 2009
Posts: 19799

This is interesting. Go to and look for this -

Which Stars Still Kickin'?

THEN/NOW SPECIAL: Which of your favorite TV stars of yesteryear are still going strong, and which have moved on to greener pastures?

Barbara Billingsly is So old. . . . . bless her heart!

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Take all sorrow out of life and you take away all richness, and depth, and tenderness. The capacity of sorrow belongs to our grandeur. It is the furnace that melts hearts together in love.
Posted: 11:08AM Oct 14, 2009
Posts: 2833

Stephen Gately died on the 10th October. Most upsetting celebrity death for me by far.
Posted: 04:18PM Oct 17, 2009
Posts: 646

i agree with you jodocroco
my sis is a big fan...
he died too young...

what is sense??and if i am not making sense, then why i say it?? I SAY IT COZ IT MAKE SENSE TO ME BUT WHY IT DON'T MAKE SENSE TO YOU????????? sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted: 11:13AM Oct 18, 2009
Posts: 4883

RIP dead people of 18 Oct 2009.

Well then.
Posted: 11:15AM Oct 18, 2009
Posts: 5082

..well I am still here..aren't you all just SOOOO relieved????

Snappy Snappy Snap..Snap Snap Snap Snap!
Posted: 11:23AM Oct 18, 2009
Posts: 667


I'm running out of Dancing Bananas.
Posted: 06:28PM Oct 18, 2009
Posts: 2924

Snappy, i for one would be gobsmacked at the thought of you gone. (still laughing at the medical trends comment in dining room table)

Human intelligence has peaked, and is declining. For proof, see Speaker of House
Posted: 07:54PM Nov 9, 2009
Posts: 2924

Late remarks, but worthwhile nonetheless.

A good many innocent individuals died or were seriously injured at Ft Hood Last week.
They deserve a notation in here, and our respect.

as i stated elsewhere:

It is a terrible sadness for the families of the dead, the injured, even those who were there and had to see such a grotesque display of humanity gone wrong.
It is also a terrible sadness for all of us that the affiliations of this individual will be seen in such a bad light by so many who already divide the world into us vs them.
We all will suffer from this event in some way.


Human intelligence has peaked, and is declining. For proof, see Speaker of House
Posted: 08:41PM Nov 9, 2009
Posts: 5082

You are right, io. They do deserve our respect and sympathy.

In our household, we always have a spot for our soldiers, navy and airforce people. They do so much, they sacrifice of themselves so we can have a good way of life.

Snappy Snappy Snap..Snap Snap Snap Snap!
Posted: 10:44PM Nov 9, 2009
Posts: 7954

Yes, that was well said, by both of you! And, I totally am grateful for our military personnel! The only objections or disagreements I have are for the President and his advisors, never for the actual military personnel.

There were also 9 women's bodies found at this insane person's house... he strangled all of them, in Cleveland? Terrible terrible story... the families of these girls didn't know what had happened to them until the bodies were found a day ago... That is a terrible thing to have to live with.

Life... can be so many things... how can anyone ever think they are RIGHT? HAhahahahahahaha!!!!!
Posted: 07:15AM Dec 1, 2009
Posts: 5082

I am STILL here!

Snappy Snappy Snap..Snap Snap Snap Snap!
Posted: 11:44AM Dec 1, 2009
Posts: 2294

Glad to hear it snappy. I check the obituaries every morning, and I still haven't found me so I better get to work.

It's not what you know, it's what people think you know.
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