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Posted: 01:08PM Sep 4, 2008
Avatar for Jake JakeAusmod
Posts: 3443

If you are new to Braingle, please introduce yourself here so that we can get to know you.


Have you visited Braingle lately?
Posted: 01:25PM Sep 4, 2008
Posts: 2677

Welcome, all new members!

---This message was edited on 01:26PM Sep 4, 2008---

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Posted: 04:34PM Sep 4, 2008
Avatar for metsrule metsrule*us
Posts: 164

Awesome! New forum and 3rd post in the new forum! Woo!

Hellooooooooooooooooooooo peoples of the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted: 05:10PM Sep 4, 2008
Avatar for froggygg froggyggAusmod
Magical Sorceress Frog
Posts: 9859

All new members can now open their own topic just for them to introduce themselves, ask questions, and where established members of the site can post in reply. This will be a great way to meet new people. An actual Announcement explaining how this will work will be posted soon.

Until then, Welcome all new members!

SMILE and people will wonder what you are up to!
Posted: 02:00AM Sep 5, 2008
Avatar for Sunrose SunroseAus
Posts: 3490

I think this is a great ideal you all

Made your bed, now lay in it....But you can always add a bedside table, change the sheets, take out the doesn't have to stay the same unless you want it to.
Posted: 03:36PM Sep 9, 2008
Avatar for Harmony_Girl Harmony_GirlAus
Posts: 1809

So true! I think this will be awesome to get "new kids" up in the forums. Nice job!
Posted: 07:58AM Oct 9, 2008
Avatar for spideychief4 spideychief4Aus
Posts: 20

HI. I'm spideychief4

I Am very inquisitive!
Posted: 09:50PM Oct 29, 2008
Avatar for chocoholic94 chocoholic94Aus
Posts: 8

Hi everybody!!! I'm Chocoholic94. I just finished my Wiki thingy. So, please look at it! Or Else! (hee hee. I love me my smilies!)

And so the lion fell in love with the lamb...
Posted: 05:42AM Nov 18, 2008
Avatar for keeperofdeath keeperofdeathAse
Posts: 6

I'm keeperofdeath... my cousin is a member here and she convinced me to join, so I did and I like it so far...
Posted: 08:07PM Nov 22, 2008
Avatar for IceCreamJones IceCreamJones*
Posts: 1

Hello I am IceCreamJones, I joined a few days ago.
I love the grid logic puzzles here.
I started doing one of the treasure hunt puzzles and deciphered the code easily but they ask questions about "him". I don't know who "he" is...and I really don't see any clues to help me figure it out.
So I guess I'm done with that one!
Posted: 12:13AM Nov 23, 2008
Posts: 6441

Welcome to Braingle Sorry you couldn't get passed it
Post from sportschick deleted on 10:45AM Nov 23, 2008.
Posted: 10:45AM Nov 23, 2008
Posts: 3

sportschick wrote:
Welcome to braingle new comers!
Posted: 10:47AM Nov 23, 2008
Posts: 3

Posted: 01:14PM Nov 23, 2008
Posts: 3

hi all,
am new here from west africa, hw is evry doin nize to join love the site.
lookin to meet new ppl too.
Posted: 08:37PM Nov 23, 2008
Avatar for Brainy_1 Brainy_1Aus
Posts: 6656


I hope life isn't a joke, because I don't get it.....
Posted: 09:37AM Nov 30, 2008
Avatar for shawneeo shawneeobus
Posts: 7954

Hello Raphycool, welcome! I'm shawneeo, nice to meet you! I'm not a mod, just a regular member, but WELCOME!!!

Life... can be so many things... how can anyone ever think they are RIGHT? HAhahahahahahaha!!!!!
Posted: 04:45PM Dec 20, 2008
Avatar for fame famebus
Posts: 5

i am 7 years old. My name is Tyler. Iam in the thrid grade.
Posted: 09:54PM Dec 20, 2008
Avatar for GebbieRose GebbieRoseAus
Posts: 3421

Welcome to Braingle, raphy cool and fame! Hope you have as much fun here as the rest of us.

"It is not the length of life, but depth of life." ~Ralph Waldo Emerson
Posted: 05:25PM Dec 21, 2008
Avatar for zOMbYroc zOMbYrocb
Posts: 274

Hi I'm new here. Having fun too!

...and i don't need you or anybody else so take a look at me see what you want to see when you get home.
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