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How to Create Avatars and Forum Signatures

Posted: 09:08AM Aug 3, 2006
Avatar for monkeylover99 monkeylover99gus
Posts: 47

I added an avatar, but it won't show up! What do I do??HELP!!!

~monkeylover99--The one and only...Claire!!!XOXOX
Posted: 11:31AM Aug 3, 2006
Avatar for jodocroco jodocrocoAen
Posts: 2833

I see your avi

Psychic_Master wrote:
If you can't see your new siggy or avie, refresh your cache. Tools > Options > Cache > Clear Cache. Well, those are the instructions using the Mozilla Firefox browser. It'll be similar for other browsers, too. Hope I helped!
Posted: 01:40PM Aug 5, 2006
Posts: 69

hubluza's comment has been deleted by Editor.

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Posted: 01:29AM Aug 28, 2006
Avatar for redneckgal155 redneckgal155Aus
Posts: 98

um i have one question is my avi agisnt the rules?

Loud And Proud Yall
Posted: 01:31AM Aug 28, 2006
Avatar for Vigo95 Vigo95gus
Posts: 4754

Posted: 08:03PM Sep 16, 2006
Avatar for LegalMumboJumbo LegalMumboJumbobnl
Posts: 1382

I use game maker for my avatars. You can download a demo on the web....I did use paint but it wouldn't let do animation!

Master of TWG
Posted: 08:20AM Sep 30, 2006
Avatar for Coolfreeze CoolfreezeAen
Posts: 1328

My eyes just stumbled upon my avi at the wrong moment (to be precise, the moment where the freaky face comes up!!!!) I actually can't believe I made it myself.

PS. I use animation shop.

"You can know everything in the world and still be thick as a plank." ~ New Talkbox! "MysteryMania".
Posted: 08:08AM Nov 19, 2006
Posts: 13

Does anyone know of any good avatar websites? I am looking for the rebel flag.
Posted: 06:57PM Nov 19, 2006
Posts: 6077
Posted: 08:32PM Nov 22, 2006
Posts: 755

I went to that site..and my dad walked in and freaked out because that site is one of the top sites that you can get a virus from..of course he walks in AFTER i already copied a pic into my files But he told me to NEVER go to that site i don't recommend it..
Posted: 09:12AM Dec 9, 2006
Avatar for mik512 mik512Adk
Posts: 3363

and Jasc animation shop 3 if you can find it.

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Posted: 09:41PM Dec 10, 2006
Avatar for i-love-rock i-love-rockgnz
Posts: 366

how do you make it smaller so there are less pix-thingys

I dont suffer from insanity, I enjoy every minute.
Posted: 11:42PM Feb 3, 2007
Avatar for locked_in_hell locked_in_hellAus
Posts: 6013

for my kitty avatar my frined found it on

-->* I shall follow the moon in the darkest of the night*
Posted: 07:50PM Feb 15, 2007
Avatar for LeonRes-Evil2 LeonRes-Evil2*us
Posts: 578

Since I have several game making programs, i can just make my own avatar. Im waiting for Animation Shop to download now, Thanks TROT!
Posted: 09:26AM Feb 16, 2007
Avatar for piebob222 piebob222A
Posts: 208

Is my avi/sig any good?

Hello, how may I help you.
Posted: 12:39PM Feb 16, 2007
Avatar for locked_in_hell locked_in_hellAus
Posts: 6013

u shudnt care wut people think of it, it's your choice not thiers.

-->* I shall follow the moon in the darkest of the night*
Posted: 07:33PM Feb 22, 2007
Avatar for Techie_Random Techie_RandomAus
Posts: 139

Umm... Did mine turn out right?

HTML is the REAL language. Simulpost-I don
Posted: 11:01PM Feb 25, 2007
Avatar for Brainy_1 Brainy_1Aus
Posts: 6656

I don't know if this has been asked before, but how do you put a sig below your avi?

I hope life isn't a joke, because I don't get it.....
Posted: 05:35PM Feb 26, 2007
Avatar for LeonRes-Evil2 LeonRes-Evil2*us
Posts: 578

The Message Board Title is where you add this signature. it is limited to 50 characters, and i could not think of a good one.
I got Animation shop 3, and spent some time on this avatar. I think it is sweet, very trippy and disorienting. Entertaining to watch. Thanks again TROT.
Posted: 05:41PM Feb 26, 2007
Avatar for Brainy_1 Brainy_1Aus
Posts: 6656

Thanks LeonRes! And i also like you avi. I have sat and watched it for quite awhile at times! this just a thing that subs can use??? I wanted a siggy BELOW my avi so that it shows when I'm in the forums/TB's. I don't seem to have this special feature for some reason, unless I'm not looking in the right place.

---This message was edited on 05:50PM Feb 26, 2007---

I hope life isn't a joke, because I don't get it.....
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