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Posted: 01:32PM Jun 28, 2017
Grayma V
Posts: 4422

How many of you remember listening to music on a radio with the newest pop music being played. You could pick up the telephone, dial the radio station, talk to the DJ and request a certain song for a certain special person. If you don't remember these times, ask your folks or grandparents how special that made you feel, having the chance to tell everyone how you felt about that special person. Or even better hearing a special song requested for you by that one special someone.

This idea sort of takes a person back to the calmer times of the 60's, 70's or 80's I know, but I think we can make a new inquisitive game with this idea. Remembering that Braingle is a family site, I ask that you don't get too snoopy or personal with you inquiries. No asking how much money a person makes a year or if they are being faithful to their partner. I'm sure you get the idea.

This will just be another fun game, and along the way, you may find out something you didn't know about one of your Braingle friends. My only concern is this: Say you address a question to someone, there is no answer because the person did not see it. In this case I am hoping myself or maybe a mod could put up a private message to the person who needs to come into the game to provide an answer. And remember, there are hundreds of questions you can ask within the Braingle rules.

Am giving you an example of a Requested item: TO FROGGYYGG: We all know you love frogs, living in a frog pad, etc. Please share with us an estimate of the number of frogs in your collection.

Then Froggy would come in with her answer, etc. It is not necessary to wait for the next question to be added, as it will be possible to REQUEST from several people, with several questions. However, you will need to get your question answered before submitting another question. I do hope members will like this new idea and have fun learning about their friends.

The sound of the wild, but if there is no one there, does anyone hear their howls?
Posted: 08:50PM Jun 28, 2017
Magical Sorceress Frog
Posts: 9644

Hmm... using me as an example?

I have well over 2,500 frogs in my photobucket. Some I found, some I've made, some I've animated and, still others were given to me years ago in a topic that someone opened about my frogs. People started posting frogs for me and it was a blast. I have frogs for every holiday and special occasion and frogs doing all kinds of things. I even have "frog tracks" (in wiki) of their little feet and frog money.

I have close to 100 different kinds of frog alphabets in all sizes - some large, some small as well as lots of frog bars. Those I use in my Wiki which is loaded with frogs.

My house is also loaded with various frogs in all shapes and sizes. I have one that has real gold on it that was a gift, one made out of bone (from Mexico), one made out of lava (Hawaii), frog earrings, a large frog cookie jar (gift from Blue), and tons of other pewter, stuffed, porcelain, glass, and even a sealed roll of toilet paper with the three Budweiser frogs actually embroidered on it (a gift from KK in Texas), windchimes and two frogs in a swing (gift from Irish), and lots of other frogs.

There you go, Grayma, I answered your question.

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SMILE and people will wonder what you are up to!
Posted: 12:44AM Jun 30, 2017
Grayma V
Posts: 4422

Thank you my friend. See how easy it is folks and how much more you now know about Froggyygg. Just get you little fingers working on the keys and put in your REQUESTED questions. It is for your enjoyment and information. Just play nice and respect your fellow members.

The sound of the wild, but if there is no one there, does anyone hear their howls?
Posted: 10:23PM Jul 14, 2017
Posts: 2196

I think I should respond... and sort of put the questions back to our creator for this forum ... Vlerma, or Grayma as I also know her as...

You have lived one heck of a life and have a great family behind you. God bless you for this.

If I understand this little game, let's just say it is 1965 again... you are listening to your radio... you get an idea to call your local station and ask for a song. What type of station was it? (meaning the type of music they normally played) What song or songs would you have requested? I think I would like to know your top 3 songs of that era.

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