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What made you smile today? #11

Posted: 01:25AM Aug 27, 2017
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I was asked to pick up my son today at LAX from his return trip from London (Business). Arrival time, 6:30 PM on a Saturday. Got there an hour early due to the lack of traffic that I was expecting as the Dodgers were playing at home, start time 6:10; and the Rams and Chargers were having a game at the Coliseum.

I parked in lot 4 and truly enjoyed time just walking around and watching people, I knew I had at least 45 minutes to kill.

My son told me the wrong terminal to be at - American, when in fact he had to come through the Tom Bradley terminal. His plane arrived early, but because it was early, it could not go to its appointed docking station... so it sat on the runway. I was in the American Airlines terminal, near where the travelers come through to go to the gate.

I could see the arrival board that he had landed... but the baggage pickup code seemed odd to me. I got one text from him, "We have landed"... then nothing for quite a while. While standing there, I had a couple conversations with those hired to pick up arriving passengers... you know, those holding the signs that say "Washington". Heck, they are just doing a job for the most part.

Anyway, a few of them got their passengers and moved on, and I and one female traveler assistant were left standing by this column. She asked me who I was waiting for, I told her my son. She asked what flight... I told her. She looked up at the board and said, "He won't be coming in from this area, he will be at Tom Bradley. The baggage claim area says 'TBIT' for Tom Bradley International Terminal." I looked at her and laughed... I thought it was some sort of a code and it just meant something like To Be determined later. That makes sense what she said. I thanked her, enjoying my time watching people leave the plane... walked to the next terminal; which was the Tom Bradley terminal... while texting my son... he finally responded- "We are about to enter our baggage claim; then we will go through Tom Bradley's custom check and be allowed to leave." I was at the right spot. I just smiled.... sure glad I wasn't in a hurry.

I sat down at the bar at the TB terminal and had a beer... enjoying even more watching of the people who come and go at an airport, and a few friendly comments with the bartenders. Even the bar wasn't that busy, though this terminal had a lot of passengers vacating the area. Glad I was in no hurry.

Three and a half hours after I left my home for the normal 35 minute drive one way, we were back to our home. His wife and children awaiting his return to drive him home. It is now 3 hours since we got home.. I still have a smile on a nice day; beings I knew it had to happen and I was willing to make it more fun than a chore that I just wanted to have end.

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