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Braingle Inactives

Posted: 07:08AM Jan 7, 2016
Posts: 1899

Hi everyone, recently I haven't been as active as usual on Braingle because not much is going on compared to before and I know at least 20 people who were on my friend list a while ago and now have completely ditched Braingle.

It seems like people are leaving left and right. Anyone know what we can do about it?

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Posted: 02:26PM Jan 7, 2016
Posts: 3306

Cry over those you no longer talk to and make new friends from the rapidly dwindling spring. There's probably still some time before it dries up. Ironically, when no one was saying anything at all, probably because people had holiday things to do or got tired of the site, I felt much less of a reason to be active myself. Like a stack of dominoes, it is.

Sometimes people come back, though. Sometimes.

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Posted: 04:06PM Jan 7, 2016
Grayma V
Posts: 4422

People come and people go. There is a pretty good level of people who consider Braingle for what it is, a family grounded place for those who enjoy quizzes, trivia, and teasers, along with some chit chat and debate. Sure we go out and look at other venues, but a big majority of us return where we are comfortable and feel secure. We enjoy the games offered by Braingle and the friendships we have developed. Oh sure, once in a while we have a rotten apple show up in our midst, and some of us have had to pay a hard price but those who are our friends stick by us and make us feel like we have a home here.

Like LR said, just like in real life, sometimes school gets too busy or life throws us a curve that we have to take care of - thereby making a daily trip to Braingle becomes impossible. But eventually we do return, always thankful that we did, and glad to see that our friends are still around to welcome us. And don't be afraid to suggest our site to your real life friends, you get points for getting new subscribers. Enjoy the site, play the games, write a teaser. Join in on what we have!

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Posted: 08:00PM Jan 7, 2016
Posts: 209

I accounted most of the deadness for the holidays... the Werewolf/WTB games are starting to fill back up, so there's that.

It's an older site, and doesn't have the flashiness of newer game hangouts. But I like the slower pace. I don't feel like I have to be monitoring this site 24/7. When I'm in an active game, I do tend to come online more often than once a day just to make sure I'm participating.

But life has its priorities. Sometimes there is room for leisure, sometimes there is not.

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Posted: 12:39AM Jan 10, 2016
Kebab Warrior
Posts: 835

I used to be here, but now I'm not, I just lurk around Farcebook these days poking Grayma

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Posted: 10:55PM Jan 10, 2016
Posts: 52

Well I was very inactive over the holidays. I took the family to visit my mother, who lives in Eltham in the UK.

Back in the US now and back on Braingle.

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Posted: 10:57PM Jan 11, 2016
Papa Fish
Posts: 2258

Pretty sure I am still here, and nice to see you around somewhere, Mad, though I don't see you on FB... Not a friend?? Hmmm...
Well, I am pretty easy to find. TTFN.


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Posted: 10:01PM Jan 18, 2016
Posts: 27

ultimatecub wrote:
Hi everyone, recently I haven't been as active as usual on Braingle because not much is going on compared to before and I know at least 20 people who were on my friend list a while ago and now have completely ditched Braingle.

It seems like people are leaving left and right. Anyone know what we can do about it?

As those have said before me people come and they go. As LR said, he feels the lack of a drive to log in when things slow down on the site. But I challenge you that if you want to keep things up, and support Braingle for more years, regardless of the slow pace or how you feel about logging in, do it anyway. If all of us who hold Braingle dear to us, support it; play the games, post on the forums, create teasers and quizzes, take new joiners under our wings and teach them things and just be kind ... it could thrive again. We just all have to want it, and want to put forth the effort, even when we're not really feeling it.
Posted: 12:11AM Jan 19, 2016
Posts: 26

Funny I was on here about 10ish years ago and this site was booming I have just recently decided to join up again and the site is just dead compared to what it use to be.
Posted: 02:27AM Jan 19, 2016
Posts: 1899

Usually people sign up, are active for a few days then leave...probably less than 1% of all the registered users are active now.

Would Jake consider making ads?

Chemistry is awesome!
Posted: 01:41PM Jan 19, 2016
Posts: 26

That might help. This has the potential to be a fantastic site once again with enough participation. I see some people have been on here for 10 plus years. Do we know if Jake is as committed to the site as he once was? Nothing personal toward him he created a great thing, but I notice he does sign in regularly but I reported a bug in one of the games about a week ago and haven't gotten any type of response. I even mentioned it in general discussion. I am wondering if he might just be burned out.
Posted: 02:10PM Jan 19, 2016
Posts: 26

I think it would benefit him to buy space on social networking sites such as twitter or facebook. This isn't an insult but simply constructive criticism, when I came back I had intended on subscribing because I was thinking of the site how it use to be, but now I don't see much benefit as it is currently .... However at the same time too it can't all be on him, the long time users should participate more in the forms and other areas of the site to make it more fun and bring people in.
Posted: 12:36AM Jan 20, 2016
Magical Sorceress Frog
Posts: 9607

Jsimon, Jake is not burnt out and does want it to continue to exist but he did create this site while in college and now has a family as well. Also, when this site first started, there was no FB or other popular social sites to compete with.

As for those members who have been here for a considerable time, we do post and play games and participate in other areas of the site. If you can bring in new people, please feel free to do so because Braingle can always use new members to join the older, established members who love this site and have stayed loyal for many years. Many members and have formed many close friendships with other members that continue off this site. Myself, I have several close friends that I met here and keep in touch with - many by phone.

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Posted: 01:01AM Jan 20, 2016
Posts: 26

Oh well that's cool. I don't know anything about Jake other than his name is Jake haha so that is understandable. And good point on the competing websites back then the only other site I had to go to was myspace.
Posted: 08:00AM Jan 20, 2016
Kebab Warrior
Posts: 835

Jsimon9389 wrote:
I don't know anything about Jake other than his name is Jake
well, for the record, it isn't, but you could be forgiven for thinking so lol

---This message was edited on 08:01AM Jan 20, 2016---

Creationism, So much easier than thinking!
Posted: 07:31PM Jan 20, 2016
Posts: 26

Really? What is it then?
Posted: 12:33AM Jan 22, 2016
Kebab Warrior
Posts: 835

Jsimon9389 wrote:
Really? What is it then?
I don't know you well enough to share such information.

Creationism, So much easier than thinking!
Posted: 02:33PM Jan 22, 2016
Posts: 2115

I know I would love to see more interactive group games on this site. There are also a couple that probably should be removed. I used to enjoy the Photo caption one, but not having seen a new one in years, it seems like it is more of an archive now than a game of sorts. I also used to love to play chess even held the #1 position for a while but in my humble opinion, the winners list is flawed. You get credit for winning, but nothing is lost with a loss. So you have players who are "okay" at playing, they have to win eventually... who are in the top 10 because they paid for 30-50 games to play at one time. I think I had 8 games... I saw these folks moving up the ranks and just could not believe that their 40 losses and 5 wins made them move up the ranks one more place. So I stopped playing...though I do look at some of the games at time and no I miss playing it was the reason I came to this site.

But even with that said, I am on Facebook and I played some of their games on that site. I enjoyed playing some of the games at the same time as my family members and interacting with them. However, I really got tired of being put in a position where to proceed a little faster I should spend money to buy items for the games. So I only use Facebook now to communicate with family and friends. The last game I played on Facebook was Words with Friends, now I use a separate app to play that outside Facebook.

I also was a member of Pogo... it has a whole lot more games than this site. It provided a lot of entertainment for myself and my wife. At one time, we were both paid members of the site, at $40 a year. But... the site was sold and the new owners keep putting in games that are either require you to play at a very fast rate, which I do not find relaxing; or they limit what you can do unless you pay MORE. Neither my wife and I are members any more... and frankly, I stopped playing there because if you are not a member they fill the screens with ads every round or two; promoting to buy a membership to stop seeing them.

Jake has ads on this site, not really an issue. I don't mind seeing the ads. If you are a member, you will not see the ads... but at least they do not interupt the games, just something to look at. Everyone who plays has to do what they can to make this site work... but I can understand the inactives who just want to play games and finds interacting with others something they prefer not to do...they will eventually drop off as most of the games are yesterday's type games.

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Posted: 07:08PM Jan 22, 2016
Posts: 26

I haven't noticed that about Pogo. Although I am a member and I only play certain games they have had on there forever so that's probably why.
Posted: 02:24PM Feb 13, 2016
Posts: 1899

Though it would be great if Jake could add some new games though, most of them are full of leaderboards that haven't changed since at the very least 10 years ago, all the captions haven't been updated in years, when you submit new directory games it says "please allow up to a week" but it's more like a YEAR...

Also, RGW4, I know it's a matter of personal opinion but I'd advise not to play Words with Friends because the game basically sells cheat tools for real money so you can just say "I'll pay you £5 so I can cheat in the next game."

Chemistry is awesome!
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