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Teasers in review that have problems.

Posted: 01:30PM Jun 30, 2007
Posts: 545

Is anything wrong with "Not Space?"

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Posted: 06:39PM Jun 30, 2007
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[Mod phrebh: Please keep it civil and on topic.]

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Posted: 07:23PM Jun 30, 2007
Posts: 498

coolcow35 wrote:
[mod phrebh: see above.

You can now see why he has collected 3 negative karma points can't you! Probably one of the largest negative ratings accrued on Braingle!

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That's life!
Posted: 07:56PM Jun 30, 2007
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Thank you jazz! Now back on topic:

Does my new 'Explosion' have any problems? I specified a video game this time.
Posted: 06:21PM Jul 4, 2007
Posts: 222

"55 Cents" is a dupe of #234.
Posted: 07:17PM Jul 4, 2007
Posts: 965

Are we supposed to post teasers that have problems in this forum or the one in High Scorers?
Posted: 03:25AM Jul 5, 2007
Posts: 16362

You can post in either topic Solar. This topic is for those who don't have access to the High Scorers forum yet. You can review teasers once you get 500 points, but you cannot access High Scorers until you move up to 2000 points, so this topic is for those who are eligible to review, but can't access High Scorers yet.

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Posted: 10:26AM Jul 9, 2007
Posts: 222

Could "one hundred and one" be considered an answer for How High? ?
Posted: 08:56PM Aug 23, 2007
Posts: 2102

I tend to put 'accept with corrections' for teasers that don't have directions, like 'Verizon'

It has the rebus, but there's nothing else at all.

Am I right by saying 'accept with corrections'?

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Posted: 06:17PM Dec 1, 2007
Posts: 2355

solarsistim321 wrote:
Are we supposed to post teasers that have problems in this forum or the one in High Scorers?

High Scorers if possible, but new users not accesing that forum can still post here. Hopefully, we keep an eye on both. Thanks for the assistance folks! 'Bo

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Posted: 01:13PM May 15, 2008
Posts: 284

well ok then

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Posted: 10:50AM Feb 4, 2010
Posts: 356

High scorers sounds cool. Does that tell us about the teasers? Or about the players? And how might one find High Scorers?

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Posted: 10:54AM Apr 7, 2010
Magical Sorceress Frog
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Caberet, the High Scorers forum is for those members who have attained 2,000 points or more on site. There is a topic just like this one where members who are reviewing teasers can post their thoughts on why a teaser should be rejected or to post needed corrections (such as spelling, incorrect info, etc). Both this topic and the one in High Scorers used to be very active, but both have seemed to go dormant for the past few months or more.

High Scorers also has other topics such as discussions and games.

Now, as far as this topic is concerned, I would love to see it brought back to life because it was an added assist to the Editors when we would see that the reviewers were rejecting a teaser in the queue or were marking it as needing corrections. Since there is no space allotted for listing those corrections, this topic was opened as a means to post the corrections the reviewers felt were needed. I know that I, for one, am guilty of not posting here often enough to thank you all for your help, but I'm putting this topic on my "watch list" so that I will not forget again.

As Bo said in an earlier post above, "Thanks for the assistance folks!"

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Posted: 06:50PM Sep 12, 2011
Posts: 356

Teaser #49024, Astronomy Club Reunion needs its logic grid to be corrected. In the first section, the name Sutter was substituted for Sculptor.

I would also recommend listing the states along with the cities in the intro. Also for our members that aren't familiar with American service organizations, listing this info in the intro rather than as a hint would seem to feel more inclusive.

It's a perfect logic problem otherwise. There's not a single duplicate clue - a very admirable achievement indeed!

"I discovered I scream the same whether I'm about to be devoured by a Great White or if a piece of seaweed touches my foot." Axl Rose
Posted: 12:01PM Jan 17, 2016
Posts: 159

Robot Probability has problems because 4/7 is not exactly 57% but a little more. 4/7 is much more simple.
(This teaser is in review.)

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Ooooooh! Nice!
Post from Jake deleted on 01:33PM Oct 5, 2017.
Posted: 01:49PM Jan 17, 2018
Posts: 6

All my teasers are rejected haha
Posted: 09:12AM Feb 20, 2018
Papa Fish
Posts: 2280

Patchyss wrote:
All my teasers are rejected haha

Keep at it, it took a while for mine to start getting accepted and I still get rejected most of the time.

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Posted: 11:57AM Feb 28, 2018
Posts: 18

I'm not sure where to post this. I think this topic is the closest to being the right spot. I can't correct my own teasers, but I found a problem in #51015, The Man With The Axe. I used "peddle" when it should have been "pedal". I've only spoken English for five decades. Give me time; I'll get it eventually.

If anyone wants some good karma for correcting a teaser, this is an opportunity.
Posted: 01:20PM Feb 28, 2018
Posts: 18

I am embarrassed to say I see another grammatical error in one of my teasers. The Riddle, "Ticked Off" currently in review uses the word "bidden" when the proper conjugation is "bided". I do not believe this has a Teaser # yet, because it is in review.
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