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Announcement: about the mind

Posted: 04:44AM Oct 28, 2020
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It is possible that we can make our IQ above 100. Just watch riddles! You need to watch or solve at least 10 riddles per day. Doctors have proven that the more the riddles, the more the IQ. If you have any more questions/facts related to this article, please do not send a PM. Send in this column only.

KEY. |

IQ^ |

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You can never change the past, but can learn from it.
Posted: 03:37PM Nov 9, 2020
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I feel like my iq is on the rise because of this site, I think I have scoured every inch of this site for more puzzles because I love them so much

You get the moon, you get the sun, you get it all, you get the gun
Posted: 01:45AM Nov 18, 2020
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And yes! Braingle too! It's puzzles and creating one too! Thanks to Jake, who, as you know, is the creator of braingle. It helps the human mind!

You can never change the past, but can learn from it.
Posted: 04:43PM Nov 21, 2020
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Neurobics generally make patients better at the tasks they train on but rarely improve general cognition. For example, there were hopes that doing crosswords and sudokus would help prevent dementia, but so far the results have been disappointing.

One exception I`ve noticed is that social interactions seem to consistently help preserve cognition as people age.

Perhaps the most agreed-to way to improve cognition is aerobic exercise. I.E., one example of the way it works is by elevating cyclic adenosine monophosphate.

In the process of forming memories, a post-synaptic receptor enzyme called adenylyl-cyclase gets activated. That enzyme transforms adenosine triphosphate (primary source of energy cells use) into cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP). cAMP then activates Protein Kinase A (PKA). PKA then activates a transcription factor (gene activator) called cyclic adenosine monophosphate response element binding protein (CREB). CREB then activates genes to form memories via inducing long-term potentiation. Basically, long-term potentiation strengthens connections in the brain which is believed to be how memories get formed.

cAMP gets elevated while exercising and stays elevated for around 45 minutes after exercising then declines to sedentary level.

It makes sense we evolved to have it like that. Historically humans hiked around exploring for food. Neurotrophic factors like cAMP getting elevated while doing so helped those people form better topographic memories. Forming better topographic memories made those people more likely to find their way back home. Find their way back home to reproduce.

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