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Who is better? 2nd try

10 (your vote)
Master chief
Spongebob Squarepants
 Total Votes:59
Posted: 08:55PM Oct 16, 2008
Avatar for Lucky63 Lucky63Aus
Posts: 541

BATMANNNN - fer shizz

*dances* WOOT WOOT
Posted: 08:55PM Oct 16, 2008
Posts: 6441

Is the other one going to be made?
Posted: 02:12PM Oct 17, 2008
Avatar for LavaIcee LavaIceeAus
Posts: 1296

Pshh... GO PINEY!! DD rules the world ^_^
Posted: 02:16PM Oct 17, 2008
Posts: 6441

BTW, Who is master chief
Posted: 04:35PM Oct 17, 2008
Avatar for spideychief4 spideychief4Aus
Posts: 20

I decided to postpone it. I have a lot of schoolwork-By the way, Master chief is the main character in the halo games. BYE!!!

I Am very inquisitive!
Posted: 07:00PM Oct 17, 2008
Avatar for Trickster1992 Trickster1992Aen
Posts: 14515

Radioguy wrote:
I joined in the effort to promote the world's best superhero, Batman. He worked a lot harder than Superman did to become a Superhero.

Yeah but Superman was created by people who didnt live that far from me and he has awesome powers. Batman is boring!

There's something that's missing if we can't recognize that our own existence is the miracle before our eyes. --Michael Tait
Posted: 10:22AM Oct 11, 2010
Avatar for coinjar876 coinjar876Aus
Posts: 218

Batman doesn't need super powers to be awesome

With kids you spend the first 2 years of their life teaching them to walk and talk. Then you spend the next 15 years telling them to sit down and be quiet.
Posted: 05:27PM Nov 29, 2010
Avatar for cookies466 cookies466gus
Posts: 452

spider man fo shissle

Anybody can be Prince Charming one day a year, with the dinner and the flowers and all that. But you know what impresses me? When a guy can be Prince Charming no days a year. - Ryan Howard, The Office
Posted: 03:23AM Jul 8, 2011
Avatar for Ohwhatsup Ohwhatsupgus
Posts: 148

I only voted for superman since he seems the yummiest lol
Posted: 03:06PM Jul 8, 2011
Avatar for legotboy legotboyAus
Posts: 115

Batman duh! Who needs super powers when you can make them yourself

Knock Knock. Who's there? Cabbage. Cabbage who? You lost the game.
Posted: 03:33PM Jul 8, 2011
Avatar for mj1321 mj1321gpr
Posts: 50

Batman rules!

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Posted: 04:52PM Jul 8, 2011
Avatar for celtichero celticheroAus
Posts: 810

Batman is the ultimate winner of everything.

I'm just an ordinary average guy with nothing to lose.
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