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Braingle Friendships?

Post from NettieLou deleted on 02:25PM Dec 26, 2010.
Posted: 08:43PM Nov 24, 2010
Posts: 391

Best way to meet people is go into chat, but I don't think you can do that yet.
Werewolf and Who's the Boss games are also great for meeting people, I've met awesome people that way

You came back :)
Posted: 09:16PM Nov 24, 2010
Posts: 21

Those games do seem like a good way to meet people and have fun. Thanks for the advice, rolugomi!
Posted: 07:33AM Nov 25, 2010
Posts: 15674

And I welcome you to Braingle, as well...

You might want to go into Braingle Family Room in the General Discussion Forum here, and start posting. Lots of friendly folks there and all sorts of interesting conversations that you might like to participate in as well.

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Posted: 07:15PM Dec 22, 2010
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You can do chess or checkers. I met some really c00l people like that.

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Posted: 04:12PM Jan 7, 2011
Posts: 26

I meet most of my friends on here in chat, but talkboxes and games are also good places.

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Posted: 12:56PM Jan 8, 2011
Posts: 21

Thanks for the awesome suggestion, guys!
Posted: 08:55AM Feb 12, 2011
Posts: 8

NettieLou wrote:
Those games do seem like a good way to meet people and have fun. Thanks for the advice, rolugomi!

Rolu is a very wise person but chat is by far the best and quickest way to make friends. You just ahve to get the 1 karma through activities such as teasers, quizes, site maint., and other games and activities
Posted: 10:10AM Feb 12, 2011
Posts: 361

Seeing as you have one karma, you will be allowed in chat. I have met some awesome people in there and recommend that you come join us.

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Posted: 12:35PM Feb 12, 2011
Posts: 21

Thanks for all the help, guys. In the three or so months I've been here I've already made some awesome friends.
Love the avatar, glowtmickey. That's pretty awesome. I still can't stop laughing..
Even though I do not need help meeting members, anymore, I'm glad this post is still available for other new members.
Thanks again, guys!!
Posted: 12:22AM Feb 19, 2011
Magical Sorceress Frog
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I'm happy to hear that you are enjoying Braingle and have made lots of friends, NettieLou. Sorry I'm late in welcoming you to our little family.

SMILE and people will wonder what you are up to!
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