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I hope dad removed the pitch fork.

Submitted by
Hey wook mommy! I'm Buzz Wight Wear! Up... Up and DOWN...

Submitted by joleneroxs
Robbie just seconds before he was eligible for the quadriplegic olympics.

Submitted by gettalife
What does a redneck say just before he gets really hurt? "Hey Ya'll, watch this."

Submitted by MattsAli1108
Closer, closer, everybody scatter! Boy, I never get tired of foolin' that dumb kid!

Submitted by
Oh no, I've gone too far....ABORT ABORT!

Submitted by smeeart
Reason #37 to get rid of all those broken bottles instead of covering them up.

Submitted by tipsypyro
Look mom I'm flying! uh oh I left the rake in the pile.

Submitted by kp52
Are you kung fu fighting the leaves or FALLING on them?

Submitted by Malika123
Spiderman's son did not get the concept of webs. Luckily, there was something to break his fall.

Submitted by Davegle
Wheee! Ooh a cookie! Me must get...oof...WAHH!

Submitted by onua9159
When it's okay to use the f word.

Submitted by
I guess I should have located the rake BEFORE I decided to do this!

Submitted by
Yeah, Mom, it's safe!

Submitted by Swordfairy
Hasn't anybody ever wondered if Billy was dropped on his head as a kid?

Submitted by KLee27
taken 5 seconds before joey landed on his stomach and began to cry.

Submitted by mir77
Of course, this is why it's called FALL.

Submitted by
This is why you shouldn't hide bear traps that well.

Submitted by plain_jane
A much less PAINFUL way to teach kids about gravity.. would be to drop an apple on the ground,,, but whatever floats your boat! ;]

Submitted by EskimoAnna

Submitted by Starriddler

Submitted by asia_manga
This is why Jimmy isn't allowed to eat Pop Rocks and Coke anymore.

Submitted by sloane

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