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Well...a B gots a two bumps and a A got a turrangel, a turrangel, its a tinny lil ting. A D gots only wun bump, I thinks, but darn, a C got a hoop and a hoop is durn tinny. It's B!!!

Submitted by thebrain789
CONGRATULATIONS! You are officially dumber than the peanut!

Submitted by canse912
But none of them is spelled "The largest."

Submitted by Thinker1995
'Uhm, can I buy a vowel?'

Submitted by VeeCee
Well, 'elephant' is such a large word.

Submitted by CrimsonJio
50 Reasons Why the Moon is Not Bigger Than an Elephant: 1. Elephant has more letters 2. There are more elephants than there are moons 3. The moon's reflection is smaller than an elephant Okay, it's 3 Reasons Why the Moon is Not Bigger.

Submitted by quesadillaman12
Hmm... well that peanut was pretty big, I mean I almost chocked on it and all... I'mma go with that!!! Is that you're final answer? Umm... WAIT, NO!!! Elephants are Way bigger, that's my final. Sorry OH NO! I didn't even see the kettle :(

Submitted by LavaIcee
You see the moon. Have you measured it? I measured it. It was about an inch in diameter. I measured an elephant in was 2 inches in height!

Submitted by sammydj
If ya eva bin to da zoo at nite den yous'd see dat elephants is bigger dan dat widdle white spot in de sky!

Submitted by Frada8D
Whale my ma useta warsh me in a kettle, n dat was perty BIG!!! And pa said ther moon is cheese, and I ate cheese this morn'!!! I gave a peanut to an elephant onc---OH OH ELEPHANT I choose number B!

Submitted by CarlosRamos
If i chose 50/50, would moon be one of them?

Submitted by hadenedah123
Let me use my hint!!! Sorry, you can't, this is your practice preschool question!

Submitted by paradox_mage081
I'd like to phone a friend. President Bush

Submitted by Joecool33
Well the solar system on display in the gift shop had a really tiny moon!

Submitted by mimipet
But...but...Elephant has more letters!

Submitted by str1k3outs27
Let's see...the cow jumped over the elephant is bigger than a must be an elephant!

Submitted by
It's definitely isn't the moon;, when you look up at the sky, all you see is this itty- bitty marble. Peanuts are tiny, and elephants eat peanuts, so it should be B. Oh, but that kettle is throwing me off! Can I call my niece? How old? Oh, she's 5.

Submitted by geninkitty
Is it Earth's Moon??

Submitted by geccco
i'm not sure I thnk its a peanut but my final answer is that big thing

Submitted by thomas13
When Jane was completely stumped by the answer, she asked the also confused crowd. All but one five year old had made the correct guess.

Submitted by Davegle
I knew I should've finished 3rd grade...

Submitted by mathlete29
Don't miss FOX's newest show this season, "Are you Dumber than Dirt?"

Submitted by randeeryan
I though the moon was just a little piece of cheese.....

Submitted by hazeleyes17
Curse my dyslexia!

Submitted by cwjakesteel
I know that "Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader" makes adults look dumber than kids, but come on, this is RIDICULOUS!

Submitted by vbguy101
Well, you see, have you ever walked on the moon? Have you ever felt the moon? Have you ever tasted the moon? The moon doesn't exist, it's just an elaborate hoax. This is mass madness, you maniacs! Don't be foolish. Next question, please.

Submitted by talon_
Regis, I'd like to buy a vowel!

Submitted by
Laura was later employed as one of Bush's top political advisors.

Submitted by solarsistim321
Well the moon looks is obviously smaller than a peanut, I should know I've been outside at night, and elephants eat peanuts so I'm thinking kettle. No wait I learnt in kindergarten a kettle was small so let's go for elephant.

Submitted by awesome710
Well, it was 'Are You Smarter Than a Preschooler' at Who Wants to be a Millionaire, and somehow Janice managed to lose. She was later talked to by the news, and they found out she was a blonde. Figures.

Submitted by flutflutflyer
uhhh i dont no.... this one is hard...

Submitted by
lets see,one time i had a M&M and the peanut was sorta big ...but im almost sure the moon is bigger ... that sure was a big kettle ma use to cook the meals and wash us in ...i'm thinking elephant... can i phone my brother Bo he went to the zoo once?

Submitted by june12
Well, the elephant was HUGE in the elephant store.....

Submitted by Max34480
On the next episode of America's dumbest gameshow guests, we meet Sarah!

Submitted by Liawen
the new planet the Elephant is now the largest thing in the world and it is bigger than the moon peanut and kettle!

Submitted by cutygirrl
That's what she said...

Submitted by forevershortty
Kids stay in school!

Submitted by AndrewWalker
"Um...what's a kettle?"

Submitted by
she was thinking big and her mind was far away.

Submitted by heathjab
No way is it the moon... its only four letters!

Submitted by
Uh...UH i choose peanut, cuz thats the size of your brain...!

Submitted by joleneroxs
I was going to say a kettle, but I realized that the peanut is like 10 bazillion times larger.

Submitted by
sad thing is, she called her friend for help.

Submitted by JrWriter
what do you mean im wrong?

Submitted by brandonprater
Do I really even have to say any thing. But YOU'RE AN IDIOT

Submitted by wannamarryharry
uh i think elephant cause thats the only think i see cause i'm a zoo keeper and thats all i see all day and i clean after them i choose B

Submitted by jeffster2009
Excuse me, I just farted.

Submitted by butterflyboy
LAURA: I'm sorry, Regis. This question's just too hard. I'm going to take the money... REGIS: If you say so. Let's give a round of applause to Laura, now... oh. I'm sorry Laura, that was the $100 question.

Submitted by greenwavepi
It turned out that Susy was ahead of the times. The next day, elephants the size of the moon attacked Earth. She was the only one left standing.

Submitted by hollymo
Sally never could have imagined something made of cheese being larger than an elephant

Submitted by glenn222
It occurred to Janine "If I screw this up, there's always Wheel of Fortune.."

Submitted by NANG
Let's see. The largest? Hmm, well the kettle at my store costs 3.50, a peanut is 45 cents, an elephant is 500,000, and the moon isnt for sale... The answer is B!

Submitted by
Hint: obviously your brain is smaller than a peanut...

Submitted by
Well..."elephant" comes first in the alphabet, so elephant it is, Regis.

Submitted by mastergenius
This is the $1,000,000 question barb. Gail:You better get this right I alredy have the divorce papers!

Submitted by rozemari
Well. The moon is about as big as a peanut, and a kettle is even smaller than a peanut. It has to be and elephant.

Submitted by turtlegirl
When i look at the moon i can measure it between my index finger and thumb. Must be the elephant.

Submitted by
The moon is in the sky and it looks small so I have to go with the answer b elephant

dear lord please let this be right and ill never cheat on peter again

Submitted by
I'm a little nervous...I think I'll phone a friend on this one.

Submitted by
No wait! Im not sure it was elephant! But im getting a good vibe that it was A...

Submitted by happyhak
It's not that she didn't know the answer. She just didn't realize how bad she needed to poop until she got out there. "An elephant! I'm bout to poop and elephant!"

Submitted by PIKE1455
Ummm...... A peanut is the most logical because they feed them to elephants, one of the biggest animals ever!!!

Submitted by Keiko
"But I did do it right! I put 'B' for biggest! Come on Regis!"

Submitted by CatsAreCute
On the next episode of "Are you smarter than kindergartener..."

Submitted by thanicksta
And yet, they still let her teach science........

Submitted by yesman
Let me see my linking skills: A peanut was cooked in a kettle. It's not A. The kettle was picked up by an elephant. It's not D. Well, I'm stuck. But since I've never seen anything like a moon, I'll go with B.

Submitted by brain23
what does, which of the following is the largest?, mean!!!!

Submitted by
oh mi gosh!!! she looks nervous every1 knows its d!!!!

Submitted by seahorse6878
"Can I say myself"?

Submitted by kubesh
No wonder her brain wasn't an option.

Submitted by luckylefty
And you thought YOU were dumb . . .

Submitted by Shadows
And her husband back at home is yelling, "She's the LARGEST! She's the LARGEST!!"

Submitted by
Meridith, I can put my hand up and block out the moon, a peanut or a kettle, but I can not do that with an elephant unless he is far away, so an elephant must be correct. Final answer!

Submitted by RGW4
Wait....didn't I see her last week on America's Most Smartest Model??

Submitted by NYG7154
"Let's see...I know that it's between an elephant and a peanut. The moon?! that's just silly.."

Submitted by grilledcheese
An elephant was walking on the moon carrying a peanut in a kettle. Does this give you a hint?

Submitted by fishpike
Meridith, I aboslutely,posivtively,..... Have to go pee!!! Final answer !!!!

Submitted by duhclyde43210
"Well, I didn't know WHICH moon!"

Submitted by Swordfairy
"a peanut? of course not! a kettle? probably not. the moon? well its pretty big, but its only a couple million miles. EVERYONE knows that elephants are bigger!"

Submitted by plus2
It depends, African or Asian?

Submitted by forerunner
What do you mean is that my "final answer?"

Submitted by tintiniscool
Contestant-"Do I look like I gots a degree in psychics? I'm gonna have to use my last life-line Reeg." Regis-"Are you sure you want to do that? This is only the first question and you've already used your other two?"

Submitted by 2crazy2care
"And tomorrow i'm going to the zoo to see a moon. Then at night i will watch the sky for the elephant that is sooooo bright

Submitted by TanCW
Crap! I knew I should've paid closer attention in in kindergarden when they were talking about shapes and SIZES of things.

Submitted by beepbeeptnm
"Ohmigosh! This is the same question that stumped me when I was studying last night!"

Submitted by plain_jane
NOOOOOO!!! Thats horribly wrong I should have picked A.

Submitted by spiderpig
OK...I can see the blonde roots from here...

Submitted by IB247
Silly Girl, she thought an Elephant was bigger than a peanut.

Submitted by Grant-the-Wise

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