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I will destroy all who think my hair looks funny.

Submitted by Track44
you may laugh now but as soon as i get out of this thing you will ALL be sorry........

Submitted by bekka_bubz
You can go ahead and laugh now, but when the aliens come and steal your brains, and I'm the only one left alive, I'll be the one laughing. And it's stylish, too.

Submitted by wildman274
Ok Sonny, put me in the cannon.

Submitted by Null
World domination will be mine! but right now the couch will be mine!

Submitted by nogoodnames
I Hate My Owners!

Submitted by danim828
Owners went on vaction and all got was a stupid hat.

Submitted by coolang
Fluffy thought she was too soft, so she decided to get a new, older look.

Submitted by saelle138
you know, sometimes, its ok to look different. this is SOOOO not one of theose times

Submitted by harpgirl96
And you think you're having a bad day...

Submitted by jonas
Master of disguise.

Submitted by drago189
Captain Catnip.

Submitted by solarsistim321
If you think I look stupid... It's because I am.

Submitted by Scorefire
Honey do this... Honey do that... I'm tellin' ya... I've had it up to HERE with the honeydews. It's enough to drive me out of my gourd.

Submitted by wyoguy
This is not quite what I had in mind when I asked to look like Dora the Explorer.

Submitted by JOP99
I know what your thinking: "What a horrible disguises". But there is something you don't know; what you are looking at is a camel.

Submitted by oddrey
Mr. Demille, my hairstylist.

Submitted by chiwawaboy78
What? No one wants Dors the Cat Explorer?

Submitted by KiraKaty
down set hike kitty

Submitted by ironman
This should help for the doggy invasion.....

Submitted by cutygirrl
Melonhead strikes again!

Submitted by mitch2007
I am the ruler. I am the supreme one. I am all powerful. I am...ABOUT TO DESTROY THE GUY IN THE BACK WHO'S LAUGHING! YEAH, I'M TALKIN' TO YOU! NOW SHUT UP!!!! Where was I? Oh, yes. I am...DICTATOR FLUFFY!!!! OH, NOW YOU'RE GONNA GET IT, BUB!!!

Submitted by geninkitty
we knew he'd always wanted to be a pro football player but... i'm not sure that helmets gonna give him much protection.

Submitted by leowmeow1993
Does this make me look fat?

Submitted by chocolatecake
At my signal...unleash hell.

Submitted by Hrsemn4
Finally.. a crash helmet to protect me from the dog! Booyah!

Submitted by TheBrainBender
Buy one honeydew, get one kitty free

Submitted by tuffysos0915
How you know it's time to put Grandma in a home . . .

Submitted by joshmayesh
I like you. When the time comes, your death will be quick and merciful.

Submitted by NANG
it all started with a mojito and just went downhill from there

Submitted by chaosphir
Its "Put the Lime in the Coconut!"

Submitted by adrena

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