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Rubber Duckie continues to deny the steroid allegations.

Submitted by 1deadcat
We're gonna need a bigger bathtub.

Submitted by KiraKaty
The latest in sneak attacks: The Trojan Duck

Submitted by princess613
someone tell God that his tubs overflowed!

Submitted by FlyFishy4
If thats the large, then I don't want to know what extra large is.

Submitted by bamafan99
BP deploys another ship to help with the cleanup, and to improve customer relations.

Submitted by SOisme
rubber ducky "AT LARGE"

Submitted by cici
Word to the wise: when the Trojans offers you a giant duck, say NO.

Submitted by oddrey
Look's like it's omelette for dinner tonight...and the next night...and the next 3 years after.

Submitted by canse912
The Sea Monster's favorite bath toy was a myth... Until now!

Submitted by awesomeness2468
This is why we do not feed the birds

Submitted by 4wheels
Don't be surprised if a giant Ernie suddenly surfaces.

Submitted by Shadows
Big Duck in Little City

Submitted by celtichero
Duckzilla takes Tokyo, details at 11.

Submitted by math321
Tokyo news reports say this is the first sign that Godzilla does indeed have a child.

Submitted by Zongetsu
Moby Duck has returned!!!!!

Submitted by kathryn6
The US Navy recently released it's new concept cruiser for the "kinder and gentler" military overhaul.

Submitted by zonahobo
That's one BIG bathtub

Submitted by blubberboy
Rubber Duckie, you're so fun. You take steroids, one by one...

Submitted by brain23
Because bigger really IS better.....

Submitted by jfilar3
It's a small world after all

Submitted by LCMW
Attention...Rubber Duck Tours is leaving the dock. Please board immediately. First stop, Tokyo. Thank you.

Submitted by glowingredbob
The Japanese have run out of ideas on horrific monsters, so they employed the infamous rubber ducky monster.

Submitted by AtemAndrew
I asked for a Godzilla and this is what they sent me!

Submitted by nanette222
I could swear this river used to be bigger!

Submitted by The_Awesomest

Submitted by JamFish
Global Warming has affected the size of the duck

Submitted by acornalice
I didn't know they were doing the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade on the water.

Submitted by dawnrising
Honey I Blew Up the Bath Toy

Submitted by spyridon89
OK...tell the Jolly Green Giant his tub's overflowed!!!

Submitted by NYTETIMER2
We all just don't know the secret that rubber ducky is actually a battleship.......

Submitted by racoonieboy
i knew we should have been suspicious of that giant egg...

Submitted by christine-ihatt
What the duck...

Submitted by IB247
Hmmm, looks like rubber ducky escaped from Godzilla's bathtub

Submitted by bighead1999
you too can get these results in just 2 days

Submitted by
His mother was the one that destroyed Atlantis

Submitted by logicgenius
Hahahaha! The duck is HERE! Now, flee in terror and horror. I shall finally have my revenge over all of those who laughed at me for taking a bath instead of a shower. I shall wash you aaaaaaallllllll!!!!!!!! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

Submitted by dragunlord13
Mommy, daddy! Come here, it's a giant ducky!

Submitted by mathisnice
so thats where my tax money went, thank god i thought bush was gonna spend it on something useless

Submitted by
Well, at least Paul Bunyan is finally bathing...

Submitted by Hrsemn4
"Hey Ernie?" "Yeah Burt,?" "Did You Put You Rubber Duckie In The Harbor Again?"

Submitted by
Is it a plane? Is it a bird? Is it superman? No its a giant rubber duckie!

Submitted by french_fiction
Who ya gonna call? Duckbusters!

Submitted by evilhand
Didn't you read the instruction that said not to over inflate?!

Submitted by froggygg
I'M not cleaning THAT tub...

Submitted by JEWELEDDIVA
If That's The duck, I'd hate to see the kid

Submitted by Fallen-Angel
Child:Mommy! There's a big rubber-duckie in the harbor! Mother:Stop your lying, you're going to the dentists'!

Submitted by E-man
Wait 'til they build the shark version.

Submitted by DyreWolf
See, kids? That's what happens when you drop steroids in a bathtub.

Submitted by LambertLady
"heavy rain with a slight chance of giant duck." weird forcast, but ok.

Submitted by jello4426
The new war on pirates has been launched... news and photos at 11.

Submitted by RGW4
Just add water.

Submitted by Izzie
The mayor of Seaport decided to cancel the building of the new duck monument. Upon questioning, he admitted that the bill for such a project was much larger than originally planned...

Submitted by
Wow, maybe I shouldn't have bathed in Miracle Grow after all...

Submitted by jonas
Yo momma's so fat, that's her little rubber duck. OHHHH BURN

Submitted by awesomedfg
Did the bath tub shrink??

Submitted by ashesinthedawn
Now THIS quacks me up!!!

Submitted by IGVADAMN
This is why scientists never manufactured the "sponge ducky".

Submitted by rlc327
Cloudy with a chance of rubber duckies.

Submitted by sashomarine
Yep, thats my crib. ;)

Submitted by uhhhh
Beware! The Trojan Duck

Submitted by Dragonboy
Where's the soap??

Submitted by catfood99
Godzilla Put Away Your Toys!

Submitted by mojado
No more would Ernie be teased by Bert - this was his ultimate revenge!!

Submitted by dswilborn
Kid: Look at the giant duck can we keep him? Mom: No. Kid: BUT IT'S A GIANT DUCK!!! (This was inspired by the following quote from the DisneyPixar film "Up": "But it's a talking dog!"

Submitted by crocodile
Talk about your fowl moods .....

Submitted by CRABBYDAD
Who's been experimenting with uranium in the bath?

Submitted by Holo
a bubble bath experiment gone horribly awry!

Submitted by chiwawaboy78
Peking Duck anyone??

Submitted by BMEUP2PLZ
China readies the Trojan Duck for it's trip to the Japanese harbour.

Submitted by idiot_original
i am the rubber ducky i will not make bath time fun i will make all eat my squeek!!!!

Submitted by kerriresi

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